Friday, December 12, 2008

Self Discovery

oh my,,
My, oh my. Who IS that beautiful kitten in the mirror.
Oh,, heh heh, it's me. (blush)

oh geeze,,
Oh Geeze,, I have something stuck between my front teeth.

how embarrassing
How embarrassing. How long have I been walking around like this? Why didn't somebody say something??


  1. Oh, sweet Ms. Enid... you're so cute no one would notice a little fleck in your smile. ;-)

    I just love the first pic, Laurie! All full of inquisitive innocence!

  2. Oh Enid. Grooming is so important for a young lady. You must always keep a tiny mirror in your satchel for quick touch ups.

    Although your natural beauty can hardly be diminished. Even by a speck of roughage 'tween the teef.

  3. omcc, I've had days like that...poor kitteh, I would have told yu!

  4. Who's the pretty girl in that mirror there? (what mirror where?) Who could that attractive girl be?

    I can see Enid humming "I feel pretty" to herself while grooming.

  5. Oh Enid, you precious little are so beautiful :)

    Holly, love the idea of Enid humming "I feel pretty " to herself :) That's too funny!

  6. Oh Enid you are an amusing little madam!

  7. She becomes more beautiful each day. Gorgeous photos, Laurie.

  8. Good girl...eating your greens! Is that your beauty secret?

  9. Holly - I think Enid was singing the hit "I feel purrty"

    OK - everyone groan on the count of three!

    Enid you and your sisters are beautiful.



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