Friday, October 17, 2008

The Itty Bitty Snippity, Snip, Snip.


Well, it's just going to be me and Albert today. The other three Livermores are off to the vet today for a little snip-snipping. Yep, everyone else is over the two pound mark, so they are big enough for surgery. Albert's got four ounces to go before he's ready. He's a slow grower, compared to the rest, but he's making good progress.

OK, please, everyone sit down now. I've got some news.

Trudy and Lyle are leaving us. Whew, there, I said it.

They met their mama earlier this week, and she'll be bring them home this weekend.

I know I say this every single time, but REALLY, it seems they only got here yesterday. I can't believe we'll be saying goodbye so soon.

I think Trudy and Lyle are a lovely pair, and their new mama is very sweet, so they've got a wonderful life ahead.

Alrighty, I've got a couple of suit cases to pack. Happy Friday everyone.

PS In case you haven't noticed, there are a couple more new things on the sidebar, including a poll at the very, very bottom of the page.


  1. What a beautiful picture of little Albert, he looks a little sad that his siblings aren't around. Great news about Trudy and Lyle though, I have a brother & sister kitty so I'm glad to see they found a good forever home together. Now hopefully Davy and Albert will be able to stay together also. Happy Friday and hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

  2. so. if we 'click','click','click','click','click','click', On the ads, will you get a LOT of money to help with the kittie raising? i will be glad to click til my finger hurts if need be.
    Albert looks a little disgruntled.
    maybe he wanted to go get snippied too? poor little Albert.
    how wonderful that Trudy and lyle get to go to their forever home together, thats great!

  3. Hooray for Trudy & Lyle! That's wonderful news. I'm sure we'll all be thinking good thoughts for little Albert & Davy, in hopes of getting to stay together too.

    YAY for sweet Bette Kitty (who is now known as Lilly) ~ she just found her new forever home! I wonder how she would feel if her new momma adopted Albert & Davy too... we can only try!

  4. Awesome poll!

    I had the same thought about the ads and even clicked through a few already. How does that work? I'm all over clicking to help pay for kitten litter!

    Huzzah for forever homes for itty bitties and former itty bitties!!!!!

  5. Yeah, hooray, but it makes me tear up a bit to say goodbye. Love and thanks to the IBKC and to Trudy and Lyle and their new family! sob.

  6. Don't be disgruntled, Albert. Look at all the time you have with Charlene now.

  7. Ooooh! What a luck lady to get Trudy and Lyle. Such pretty babies!

  8. s.pants and darin,
    the way it works with google ads, you don't get paid to place them, you get paid when people click on them. it's not much,, and i'm just kind of testing it to see what happens,, but even if if it's a doller or two at the end of the day,,, well that will buy a box of litter or two each month and a couple of kitty gadgets. any clicks are appreciated.

  9. Finger cramp from clickin!
    Hope it helps! (oh and please get Charlene a nice little 'prize' for being such a great auntie kitty.)

  10. So that lickover did the trick in getting cute little Trudy adopted, eh?

    Good to know...

    And good to know that the Livermores are 50% all set. Fingers crossed for Davy and Albert.

  11. We knew nobody could resist Lyle's sweet face!

  12. I have been so lazy with the comments lately! But let me just say, I love the new look! And what beautiful little livermores. Love them!

  13. What great news that Trudy and Lyle get to stay together! Special thanks to their new Mom for recognizing a dynamic duo.

    Is it ok to say I am sad too with the news that our time with them is ending? I hope there will be pix as they grow!

    Did Albert enjoy his quality time with Charlene?

    Fingers crossed for Albert and Davy staying together!

    And YAY for the newly named Lily for finding her forever home!

    Off to click on some ads now.

    Great weekends, all!!!!

  14. scooter pants,, i was just reading up on the ads,, and i guess it you are an enthusiastic clicker,, they think it's fishy, so they don't count.

    so click is good, but not clickity click click click click.

    thanks for your support!

    i'm trying to fine tune this so hopefully some relevant ads that might be of interest to the readers might pop up. it's all uncharted territory for me.

  15. Sweet Albert of the Lovely Livermores -

    Cheer up, your time with your itty bitty bits IS limited, so do not worry!

    I am hoping you and Davy will get homed together and your new family will make lots of photos available to us -

  16. What excellent news that Trudy and Lyle have a wonderful new mama and home to go to. Time has flown by.

    I hope little Albert and Davy find a home together too. That would be wonderful.

  17. Thank you, Laurie, for giving so many deserving kitties a wonderful life with loving families. Bless you.



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