Saturday, October 18, 2008

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?


I got a copy of the Humane Society newsletter yesterday. I was giving it a read this morning and discovered a lovely little surprise inside.

They have a list of "In Memory Of" donations in the back, and who did I see listed? Dear little Jerry Lee Pickett, followed by a list of familiar names from the IBKC comment section.

I'm feeling a tad weepy already this morning knowing Trudy and Lyle will be departing soon,, and seeing this, just opened up the flood gates. I had heard donations had been made to the Humane Society and other shelters, in his name. Seeing the names in print, just made it seem real.

Thank you, all of you, for caring so much. You are special folks, and I appreciate all of you and your supportive ways.



  1. Oh, Laurie, this made me cry too. There was something extra-special about Jerry Lee, wasn't there? He touches my heart every time I see his pictures.

    It was four years ago today that we had to have our 17 year-old Willy (a.k.a. Wilson, Willy Nilly, Felis Bumpus) put down. He was a handsome tuxedo boy, the sweetest, most loving cat imaginable.

    These precious fur angels will stay in our hearts forever, and we're so much richer for having known them.

    Big hugs and blessings to you and all the IBKC for the loving service you do.

  2. I needed a good cry today. Thanks, Laurie, for sharing this moment with us. I, too, received the HS Newsletter but haven't yet had an opportunity to read it. But when I do, I'm sure tears will flow again.

    Lynda, may your loving memories of Willy stay with you always. I'm sorry for your precious loss.

  3. Laurie~ I think Jerry Lee touched so many of us! I keep a picture of him up where I can see it daily with a quote written by it. It says~ Celebrate your appearance on earth. ~SARK I will always remember him and the kind things you did to make his last day special! Thanks for sharing your beautiful blog! ~Mandy

  4. Seems many of us needed a little teary break this day. Mandy, I'm going to copy your quote next to my Jerry Lee picture. Thanks!

  5. Jerry Lee was such a sweet boy. I was so sad when he had to be put down, I almost cried myself reading your entry. I'm glad people have honored his short life in this way. :)

  6. >>SNIFF<<

    Jerry Lee was a sweetie of awesome proportions. Little guy who touched so many of us.

    Thanks for the memories, Laurie, Miss Butterbean and company.

  7. Laurie, what a lovely memoriam of little Jerry Lee. He was sweet and it was very sad when he had to leave.

    On a brighter note, I wanted to let you know I've given your blog a Flower Smeller award for your inspiriational care and love for all these gorgeous homeless kitties.

    You can read more about it here:

    Cheers, Svasti

  8. Darling little Jerry Lee Pickett. Such sweet and sad memories.

    Laurie, The Butterbean and family, you do an amazing and important job.

    Jerry Lee, the love he was given and his short but very happy life will always shine out like a bright star.


  9. ...almost forgot!

    Best of luck to Trudy and Lyle for their new adventure in their great new home!

    I'll miss you both.

  10. What a fitting memorial for beautiful little Jerry Lee, it's a good reminder that no matter how small the life - all life is precious and should be cherished. I'm getting tears in my eyes thinking of Jerry Lee and the story of his last day. We recently had to put our 12 yr old German sheperd to sleep and having my two kitties to love made the loss easier.

  11. Dearest Laurie, you're like the sparkling stone dropped into a tranquil pool....the love you initiate with those precious Itty Bitties spreads out in gentle, every-widening rings, and there are waves of warm affection spreading all over the world. We are connected to each other, through IBKC (all of us) and each of us spreads love to kitties (and other loved people and pets). No surprise that those four friends made that donation, and you're right, there have been others in many places......That's the way of a Mitzvah (a good deed).

  12. Awww...sniff. How lovely.



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