Friday, October 17, 2008

All is Well

I just got home from picking up the babies from the vet. They were all a little groggy when they first got home, but they had a snack, and now they are bouncing off the walls.

Albert seemed to enjoy spending some alone time with Charlene, but was happy to see his siblings return.

All is well.


  1. All the changes in the blog are good, but I especially like that our comments are "meows".
    Thanks for the reassuring update on the itty bitty patients. It's nice to end the day knowing that they are all back with you safely.

  2. Great news that the groggy kids are less groggy.
    I imagine they just ping ping ping all evening once the drugs wore off

    Welcome home kids!

  3. I'm glad the snippings went well and all three are ok.

    Little Albert is such a sweet little sausage. I hope he makes the 2lb mark soon.

  4. We're glad that the kittens came through their surgery ok, and are safely back with you. They're so cute, they're pretty hard to resist. Hope they get to go out in pairs to their forever homes,


    Gypsy & Tasha

  5. Awww, I can't believe that it was already time for itty bits removal. And that two of them have chosen a new home and staff already!

    Albert and Lyle are sitting very close to one another, so much so that their fuzz might get tangled. Lyle is sitting a bit taller and looking down a bit at Albert, with an expression that says, "The op isn't that bad, the vet's pretty nice." Albert is looking straight ahead, with a "When I'm that big" expression.

  6. Glad to see everyone's back up to speed, hope Albert makes weight pretty soon so he can get snipped and be that much closer to his forever home, with brother Davy hopefully ;o).

  7. Welcome home, babies! So glad to hear your surgeries went well.

    And Trudy & Lyle are going to their new forever home this weekend. I'm green with envy, their new family is very lucky!


  8. Glad the itty bitty snippings went well, and I hope that Albert sails through that milestone soon too- and then heads out to his Forever home with brother Davy!

    Is he really that much smaller than Lyle or is he sitting on something a bit lower?

    Either way, both are adoreable! Great floofyness!


  9. Swoon - I'm in love with Albert...



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