Monday, June 30, 2008

Who Are These Pettibones?

Last week I was popped into the HS foster room to see what was happening. I spied a glorious set of six kittens piled up, waiting for a foster family. We still had several of the Picketts with us at this time, so I knew they couldn't come home with me that day. BUT, if they were still there when it was time for more kittens,,, hmmm,,, maybe.

I dropped into the HS again last Thursday, and there they were. They all rushed over when I came up to their cage and reached their paws through the bars. "Take us home pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaase," they cried. I asked Traci to put a hold on the babes while I went home to prepare their house and I returned that afternoon with Sue, to pick them up.

We brought the kittens into the house and released them in our guest bedroom. I swear the second they stepped out of their carrier, it was like they had always lived there. They were comfortable, happy and purring like crazy. There were no frightened moments, big eyes, bottle brush tails or hiding behind anything. It was truly remarkable because usually with kittens as old as they are ( 6 - 7 weeks) and especially after living in a cage at the HS for 10 days, you would expect to have to spend some time socializing them. Not these babes.

With in minutes, they were climbing all over us, demanding pets and scratches, giving buddy bumps, and purr, purr, purring.

These kittens are spectacular. They exude love, every single one of them. They are radiant.

On top of it all, have you ever seen a more beautiful and diverse litter? If ever there was a litter of true kitten perfection, this is it.

This is no exaggeration, everyone else who has met them will tell you how special they are. After reading all the comments you left after their introductions, I can tell you can see it too.

So with that said,, we do need to find homes ( and I mean VERY good homes) for these sweet things. Because there's an even number, we want to send them out in pairs. So if you are worthy of their love, please send us an email.





  1. OH MY GOSH!!! At various times of the day, I log into IBKC to see peoples comments and to look at the kitties again. This time I was rewarded in the new pictures of the kittens...there are no words how darn cute they are. And those pictures say a 1000 words...they are indeed very special. Can't wait to follow this story to it's happy ending!!

  2. I wish I could have all of them, they are that adorable. There's no doubt I love cats, but something about this batch just calls to me. I will enjoy watching them grow, and know they will find good homes, I just wish I could have them all!!!!!!

  3. Oh they are purrrfect! But a bit older... which means perhaps less time than usual for us out-of-towners who can't adopt to spend basking in their beauty. I will soak up every moment I can with these little angels!

  4. Pairs? Even two of them is four too few - if I weren't on the other coast, I'd love to give them all a home to grow up in.

  5. Seriously, how do you survive the cuteness? Charlene is going to be so happy!

  6. Well, if THIS is Heaven I don't know what is!!

  7. Ah HA!

    I KNEW it.

    All kittens and creatures are special. However, there are those that just radiate a magical special quality - an extra helping of kitty mojo, if you like.

    And these babies have some pure danged strong mojo. Every single one in the litter! That's amazing.

  8. love the picture of the kittens piled up on laurie (i think). that is one way to spend the day!

  9. It's a good thing I was on the phone with my daughter when I saw all this. I needed a support system while I took it all in. Laurie, please take at least 1300 pictures of each one of them and, because they are so special I think they had better stay with you for a few extra weeks just to be sure they are real. It would be terrible for someone to adopt and then find out that they are imaginary.
    Now I have to go an lie down.

  10. So the Pettibones are all full bloodied brothers and sisters? I hope that's the case. These babies are just spectacular!

  11. A baby kitty pile-up! That was my first thought on seeing the top picture...and sure enough, your words reinforce that, Laurie. Amazing that they felt at home so quickly...but then, that is a testiment to the love your home exudes, as well as to the specialness of this very varied litter.
    Charlene is going to be in her element, for sure.
    Anxious to get to know the family and each one of these fantastic babies!

  12. It is a good thing you live so far away from me! Resistance is futile!


  13. I want the dark tortie Renata and Rosalie the seal point Siamese, please.

    Of course I have two lovely tabby kittens and live in Scotland, but oh well...

  14. shbarth.. that's sue under the kitty pile.

  15. They probably all are from the same litter, and the genetics work like this:

    Mom is a ginger. She has one gene for tortie and one for something else, so she's a ginger.

    Dad #1 is a ginger. He's the father of the two tortie girl kitties (who got two tortie genes) and the two dilute ginger (buff) boy kitties (who are ginger, getting only one tortie gene as males do).

    Dad #2 very well could be a siamese, and fathered the seal point girl and the flame point boy kitties.

    But no matter how you do the genetics, this is an amazing litter of kitties!!!

  16. Okay, I know I am already really, really spoiled since I got to adopt an IBKC graduate to love and take care of...

    But two torties in one batch? And they're going in pairs?? How can I not offer to hitch hike across the country for them?

  17. Sweet Bastest, a kitten pile on a person. Renatta and Virgil would be my pick, but I want them all! What an amazing bunch of love bugs.

  18. So do we know what happened to their mommy? Were they just dropped off all alone, without her? It sounds like they are well-adjusted anyway. Poor babies. I'm sure Charlene will show them some motherly love.

  19. May I ask what qualifies as a very good home? I have to take care of my own two kitties so I can't take any more (no matter how adorable the Pettibones are). I'd like to think that if I lived closer, had room, and several other things that keeps me from adopting a pair of kittens that I'd qualify as a very good home.


  20. It's very difficult to describe these kittens because I need to take regular breaks to say, "Awwwwwww." Needless to say, they have exceeded all legal limits for cuteness and must be arrested at once to be sentenced to being played with, cuddled, and given treats. That'll teach 'em.

    All the photos are of these very softly colored kittens on a bed with a soft grey and pink spread. In the first photo, they are clustered on the edge, rather like passengers on a ship cluster on the deck. Except for Virgil, they're all sprawling out. Virgil is sitting up, but looking down to bump noses with Rosalie, who is looking up at him.

    In the second, they're all lying down. One of the buff boys has withdrawn a bit and Renatta is leaning on Rosalie.

    In the next one, they're sitting up a bit, except for Rosalie, who is being used as a cushion by one of the buff boys. I'm picking up on a theme here for Rosalie!

    In the last, the Siamese twins are curled up together sound asleep, as are the buff boys. Agnes is sitting in cat loaf style a bit away, and she's drifting off to sleep.

  21. WELL DONE, annf, the only added description needed is that, in the next to last picture, the six of them are all lying, as you described, on Sue who is on her tummy on the bed, most likely having fainted from the pure joy of being with the Pettibones.

  22. awww, what a perfect palette of purrrliciousness!

  23. *thunk!*

    Oh my! Where am I? Why am I slumped in a heap on my desk?

    The Pettibones! Together and too adorable for the human mind to absorb all at once! *sigh* I shall have to be careful sign on to the ibkc in the coming days...

  24. *gapes*

    How lucky am I, to drop by my favorite website before bed and finding the story of the Pettibones up!!!!!

    I can't wait to hear how our Miss Butterbean reacts - how will she decide who to pin and roll first? How could you ever decide???

  25. Dear Laurie, That's IT! Please send me the want ads; I simply MUST find a small house in your neighborhood, because I want them ALL! {sigh} Oh well, a girl can dream. How good of Sue to take one for the lot of us and agree to support the Pettibone Pile! Honestly, these pictures (and your stories, and the whole IBKC scene) is a whole lot of Happy. (My kitties thank you too; after such a huge dose of "AWWWW" they are the recipients of the extra kittylove I develop!)

  26. All together now,"Awwwwwwwwww!!!!"

  27. Sue, you are one lucky lady! You had the Pettibones so close to your heart, it made you faint! I just love that photo (I knew it was you by your gorgeous blond locks, another thing that makes me terribly jealous).

    I do love the Pettibones so!

    Back to work at the shelter means many, many YAYs for all the big kitties who found their forever homes while I was away! Most of all ~ YAY for Stewart whose owner found him after a whole month!

  28. They are so pretty ... really really pretty ... golly. Can't think of other words ... brain gone blank!! PREEEETTTTTTEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
    (ha ha!)


  29. Perfect Pettibones! Good to see they feel at home already.

  30. Aaah, a myriad of Pettibones!

    I do wonder about their Mum and how many Dads these little'uns have.

  31. What a purrfect little pile of Pettibones!

    and a note to Alicia - NO you can't have another set of IBK's!!!! Don't be selfish! [[ha ha]]

    Regardless of the science - these kittens have that special "IT". So much so that I am getting the "LOOK" from a certain feline purrsonage to my right....must go pay homage or I might find another hairball on my bed tonight....

  32. I am soooo jealous of Sue (not wanting to be bad)..I would have LOOVED to be in that bed with all those cuties laying on me..sooo addorable, and so glad to see them feel home...
    Laurie,do you know what happened to mummy cat?She must have been a wonderful beautiful cat to have a litter like those kitties cute... - Jeanne

  33. I, um... I, um... ::speechless::

    In awe of the amazing Pettibones!

    ::bows down::

  34. Shana Banana I got chill bumps when I read that a kitty had been found at the shelter after being lost for a month. Things like that, as well as seeing the older kitties find furever homes, must make the difficult parts of your work more bearable. Sorry your vacation is over but so glad you are there for the kitties.
    D-H, if we share the mortgage on the house near Laurie then we can each live there with a total 10 kitties (your 2, my 2,+ 6 Pettibones), Yea!

  35. Alicia -
    There's nothing like a torti, or two, or four!
    I would beg for the two Pettibone tortis too, but
    my two tortis would put their paws down on that idea (as would Laurie because I am on the East Coast)! I was on your Flickr site over the weekend and was delighted to see how Maddie is growing into a beautiful young lady and is best of friends with Sophie! Great to see an IBKC alumni (and you) doing so well. Whisker rubs and head butts to Maddie and Sophie!

  36. Meowm would take those two meezers in a heartbeat! They are all beautiful, but she is partial to us meezers!

  37. Is there NO END to the adorableness that is your life??!!

    I am so terribly jealous, but also very glad that the babies have such a wonderful home to grow up in!

  38. AWWW angel kitties! Lovey and attention-seeking and as purry as all that at such young ages... *thud* I'm in love.

  39. Your site always cheers me up when I'm feeling blue. Your photography is wonderful too.

    It's obvious that there's some Ragdoll in the mix. If I didn't live on the other side of the country, I'd adopt Renatta. She's gorgeous.



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