Monday, June 30, 2008

Bye Bye Twyla

On Saturday, sweet little Twyla, last of the Pickett pack, went home with her new mom. As I mentioned before, she'll be living in a fabulous home, getting lots of love and she'll have a new big brother too! He's a big floppy ragdoll who sounds as sweet as can be.

We miss her, for sure, but Charlene is feeling the loss most of all. Having a kitten all to herself for a whole week was a thrill for Charlene. The two of them became quite close. They spent nearly every moment together.

Charlene was a little mopey yesterday. She managed to get caught up on her sleep, which is good, because there are six kittens that are very anxious to meet her. She'll need to be in tip-top form to keep up with them.

Farewell sweet Twyla, be a good little girl. Be patient while you're big brother gets used to having you around. Please remind your mama to take lots of pictures and send them our way.


  1. Best wishes in your new forever home Miss Twyla!!!

    All the human constituents of th IBKC wish you well - and please do request photos on our behalf.....pllllleeeeeeeezzzzzzz!

    And oh this is a gorgeous sequence, with Charlene on top of a chair back with her GORGEOUS floofy dark tail hanging down (and twitching to tese twyla, I am sure!) just above Twyla's prone body on the seat of the same chair.

    In the second shot Twyla gives up the herculean effort and attempts to CATCH that floofy tail!

    Rest up Miss Butterbean!

  2. Dear Twyla -
    Enjoy your new home and family, dearest! They are so lucky to have a beautiful kitty such as you, especially tutored in the Grace and Art of Wonderful Cathood by Ms. Butterbean herself!

    And Charlene, do rest up -- there are six more kitties who are going to need all your wisdom - not to mention bath-giving!

  3. Bye, little Twyla! We'll miss you! Hugs & Snorgles!

    It must be a little hard on Charlene, to get close to the little ones & then have them leave. Especially this time, when it was just her & Twyla.

    She's as special as you, Laurie & all the IBK humans, for loving these little itty bitties so much, knowing that they will be leaving.


  4. Poor sweet Charlene!
    But soon she'll have a new bunch of bandits to give her love, mischief, and affection.

    And that second shot! I love it.

  5. Fare-thee-well little Twyla in your wonderful forever home where I am sure that your Forever Mom is already head over heels in love with you.

    Butterbean. She just slays me. No wonder the Egyptians worshiped a Goddess in Cat form! I'm not sure if Charlene has a cult following, but I sure as heck am in her fan club!

  6. Gasp! Too much for me.

  7. Bye bye, sweet Twyla! We'll all be thinking of you! Try to understand that not all kitties can be as loving and accepting as Miss Butterbean, so give your new big brother a lot of time to realize he loves you!

  8. She's grown into such a beauty, hasn't she? Darling Twyla. I am sure she'll be very, very happy in her new home.

    And I can't wait to see pictures of the Butterbean/Pettibones' first encounter!

  9. Bye...sniff..bye...sniff... Sweet little cute girl Twyla..Be Happy and always Beautiful in your new home..Tell your new Mum to give us and Charlend your best mama/best friend,lots of update..sniffffff.... -- Jeanne

  10. Best of luck little one. Give your new brother enough time to get used to you. I'm sure you'll get along.

    Don't worry not-so-little one, there will be more kittens for you to love and nurture soon. You've helped so many kittens and I know each one is special. Know that you've helped them find new, loving, furever homes.


  11. Bye my Little Twlya face. You're new parents are very very lucky. If you ever change your mind and you want to move to New York, call me. XOXOXOXOX!

  12. If Ms Butterbean needs any additional hugs or attention of any kind, I am available :)

  13. Once in a while it just hits me, how stunning a cat Charlene is. And such a sweetheart.

  14. Bon Voyage Twlya! I will miss your classic head tilt. Be kind to your new brother and please tell your mom to send us lots of updates. Hugs and kitty kisses.

  15. (((Twyla)))
    We're gonna miss you but I know your new forever parents WILL send us updates and pics. *Smootch*

    As always, Ms. Butterbean, you've been amazing. I know you're sad to see Twyla go, but soon you'll have all the action you can handle!

  16. Mistress Twyla, mind your manners, remember the Butterbean Lessons - I'm sure that in no time you'll have your new brother fawning all over you, and pity the soul who tries to be mean to his wee sister! To your new Forever Family - blessings on you, you lucky LUCKY people! I'll add my request for pictures; Twyla has a lot of aunties and uncles out here doting on her, and any updates would be MUCH appreciated. (And Laurie? Thanks for the new desktop picture!

  17. Bye little one. Have fun in your new home, we'll miss your lovely little face and happy heart.


  18. Don't fret too much Charlene, there's six kittens for you to supervise.

    Best of luck to Twyla. I bet she's settled in already and has her new home running to her precise specifications ;)



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