Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mega Merriweather Post !

After Sue said goodbye to The Holsteins, she said she was going to take a little kitty break. That didn't last too long. She caved in when she saw this little batch of toddlers, The Merriweathers, in the Humane Society foster room last week. Who could resist such darlings?

Yesterday, Sue brought the Merriweather family over to our house for a photoshoot. It was great timing. Charlene woke up bored yesterday and spent the morning being naughty and pestered her big sister, Drewey, to no end. She was thrilled to interact with the kitties in the afternoon. Not all of the Merriweathers were as thrilled as Charlene, there was a little hissing and puffing from the kittens. Charlene was calm and patient. She ignored their tiny threats and moved in slowly to give them baths. By the end of the afternoon, she made a couple of new friends, although she didn't win the affection of all.

I hope you are all sitting down, I am going to give you a big dose of Merriweathers. Be prepared to be dazzled. They truly are kitten gems. They are about six weeks old right now and will be ready for adoption well before The Picketts. So for those of you who have inquired about adopting, please consider these babies as well.

And now... I bring you...The Merriweathers....

First off is MITCHELL (AKA Michelin Man)
And now... LESTER!
Here's JEFFREY (AKA Jeffy)
Sweet little URSULA ! ( who looks an awful lot like Jeffrey)
Last, but not least... POLKA DOT (AKA Dot or Dottie)


  1. Whiskery little devils, aren't they? So sweet!

  2. O.....M.....G!!! OMG! OMG! They are precious little DOLLS!!!

  3. Oh, my! Mr. Mitchell has stolen my heart.

    And what a sweet girl Charlene Butterbean is, open arms (and tongue) to a fresh batch of new babies.

  4. What long whiskers on little Mitchell! They are all darling.

  5. Show some MERCY, Laurie! I kept forgetting to breathe so that when I'd gasp, I was low on wind and nearly fainted six times.
    For Chanter, I'll take Dottie and the rest of you can fight over describing the others for her. Polka Dot is black and FLUFFY with just a hint of burgundy above her tiny nose. She seems quite small as she sits quietly on the circular scratch pad. She has pale green eyes and her legs don't look long enough to reach the ground, but they do. Small, but she has a really lovely presence about her. She'd be regal if she weren't so darned cute. Oh the whiskers on the Merriwethers! Enough for twice as many kittens!

  6. *ka-thunk!*

    OMG! Good thing you warned us... I'm on serious cuteness overload - one more pic and I would have bundled into my car & headed over hill & dale to get my hands on ALL of them!

    But, but, but... then I'd have to stay until the Picketts were old enough... and I'd have to buy a bigger house... and get stock in Purr-eena & Tidy Scoop!

    Seriously - this is one CUTE group of IBKs! And, I'm glad to see Charlene - I missed her! Is she interacting with the Picketts at all?


  7. Oh Charlene I have a boy version of you and he is not so sweet to my new kitten. I must have you call him.

  8. viabloom- picketts aren't allowed to mingle with any other big cats. they are safe and quiet and tucked away in kim's bathroom right now. mama beulah is protective of her babes. we don't want to rock her world.

  9. Laurie - I kinda figured as much. I always kept my kits away from the big guys/gals and with their mommas. Safer that way! Thanks for the update! Julia

  10. SQWEEE! Look at those beautiful eyes! I have an affinity for the black kitties (mostly because I thought it was so sad they are always last to be adopted at the shelter). Sweet little black kittens, I give you kisses!

    I really love that last picture of little Dottie... with Butterbean's HUGE fluffy belly behind her. What a ham!

  11. My boy has fallen into Lester's "handsome trap," he says. I think I've fallen for Polka Dot. I have soft spot for all black kitties.

  12. I am starting the Jeffery Fan Club. What a handsome fellow with his white chest and BIG eyes.

  13. Oh my!!! Don't let your Aunt Sue (or Grandma Sue as she is know at our house) see Dottie... she has been known to be drawn to black kitties lately! :) Too cute!

  14. *kabloom!!*

    You warned us, and I looked anyway. It was so worth loosing my head over, though. Oh my, oh my, oh my. I'm afraid little Lester has just caused a crazy crush. Wisker lickin' good!

    They are all so sweet, Laurie... thanks! Lisa

  15. *melts* Yay, kittens! And double yay, whiskery kittens! I love long-whiskered kitties. :)

    Just curious, are any of these little darlings tuxedos? I've noticed that a lot of tuxedo kitties seem to have super long whiskers going.

    *snuggles fluffy black Dotty-kitten* Black cats are beautiful!

  16. Oh my goodness....they are adorable!!!!!!!
    -Sarah L.

  17. Chanter - Mitchell is a long haired tuxedo guy. Lester is a long haired black tabby, Polka Dot is a long haired black beauty, and Ursula and Jeffy are short haired black tabbies with white feet and chests.

  18. If Mitchell had one little white dot on his muzzle, he'd be a ringer for my old cat, Reed, aka Mr Natural.

  19. *squee!* at the descriptions. Oh my gosh, I wish I weren't half a country away; I'd keep them all! Long-haired whiskery black and white fluff... *meeeeelts*

  20. Woooow, that Mitchell has the kitten equivalent of a distinguished handlebar moustache! They are all such darlings, but I admit I was particularly taken with tiny Jeffy. I'll join that club, e.marie!

  21. Mercy mercy me! You're oh, so right Laurie, the Merriweathers are sparkly little kitten gems. And your photos are always spectacular. I love the way you capture them in their natural environment/poses.

    Occasionally someone's holding a tiny darling and we get perspective on how itty bitty they truly are, but it's wonderful to see them left on their own, to let their natural charm take center stage.

    To Chanter, I'll describe two photos. One is of Charlene and two tiny tabbies (can't tell which ones); Charlene's sprawled on her back with all four legs extended in the universal cat, "Won't you play with me?" pose, but the kittens have their backs to her. I'm sure they accepted her offer later on.

    Next is of Lester, out like a trout after his photo session/play date, in that pose only kitties can achieve - stretched out on his side, with the back of his head on the bed, too. Classic!

  22. ]]splat & thud[[

    The Pickett and Merriweather families are mindblowingly adorable!

    And Miss Butterbean - such a generous kitty, many skritches for you on Mother's Day too!

  23. I really think IBK wants to kill us with sooo much cuteness and magnificient pictures...they are sooooo beautiful I wanted to hug and kiss my monitor (my co-workers will think I am nuts, so I resisted!)..I LOOOVE Mitchell..what a handsome cat with his loonng whiskers..I Love cats with Long whiskers but overall I LOVE them all..Thanks sooo much for sharing all those precious moments with the kitties cute...BIG BIG Snuggle to all the cats and IBK team..Your are Great! Pls give us some update on Charlene --- Jeanne

  24. Hello Merriweathers! It's lovely to meet you all. You are all so beautiful. Please excuse me now as I have to collapse from a massive cute overload


  25. Oh, what a diverse and gorgeous set of little babies!

    My favorite photos of this whole bunch is where Ms. Butterbean is lounging in them. I am partial to that gracious lady.

  26. These IBKs are as adorable in real life as they are in these photos. Sue brought them to the shelter for a quick visit this week. And I'm head-over-heels for sweet Mitchell. He's so confident, and always front and center, the leader of the pack.

    Laurie, keep those fantastic photos coming!

  27. Laurie do you ship overseas?? ;)

    I doubt if you do though although I can't really have pets where I live if I could all the black Merriweather kitty's would be coming home with me!

  28. AWesome post, thanks so much for sharing.



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