Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jerry Lee Tells All

His full name is Gerald Leland Pickett, but we ALWAYS call him Jerry Lee. It just suits him. Jerry Lee has something he's been hiding from you. If he'd turn around you'll see what I am talking about. ( He's the one on the far right.)
Yep, little Jerry Lee was born without a tail. All he's got is a teeny tiny bump on his teeny tiny hiney. It doesn't seem to slow him down a bit, he's right on course with his brother and sisters. What he lacks in tail, he more than makes up for in toes. Just like Mama, he's polydactyl.


  1. aww, i love bob-tail kitties! we have a diluted calico/manx w/o a tail and i wouldn't have her any other way. Jerry Lee looks like he's all ready to play some football! :)

  2. Laurie, When I was growing up we had a manx and a part-manx cat... Pepper's tail was about 1.5 inches long... best cat ever...

    But a polydactyl and manx!!! Wow!

  3. Awww, Jerry Lee is so sweet!

  4. How strange! But his mother has a tail and his siblings do, so I wonder if the dad had a tail or not. This litter is full of cute abnormalities. Large paws and no tail for the win!

  5. Howdy, Jerry Lee... you just tell everyone, "I is a unique kitteh!", you handsome little thing, you!

    I just love your little "kissin' spots" on either side of his face... ready, aim, *smmmmmotch!!"


  6. Alright, I just have to say: Jerry Lee is a brilliant name for a cat. Or a human. ahem. :)

    Hi, darling little polydactyl (I'm assuming he's the grey and white one?) character. The lack of tail thing is just another adorable quirk. *loves*

  7. aww...he looks like he as a tiny moustache =)

  8. Don't you worry Jerry Lee, your cute little butt is just bodacious! You're a very special little fella and don't you forget it!

  9. Egads! What cuteness this Pickett bunch contains!!! I have been remiss in commenting, but I can remain quiet no longer. Smooches to you little darlin' Jerry Lee "Mew-is" Pickett! And your furry little sibs and your foster folk.
    BTW, Chanter, he is the little grey guy.

  10. I am speechless at the cuteness!

    *babbles nonsensically*

    In all honesty - if I lived close enough, I would have to find room for Jerry Lee... I have completely and utterly fallen in love with this little guy!

  11. Jerry Lee! Your name is almost as precious as your little hind-end. No tail suits you, my little fuzz-bucket!

  12. Oh, Jerry Lee, you're adorable. The photo of 3 gray itty bitties nursing that shows your teeny tiny hiney looks like someone pulled out your tail like a plug.

    If you're anything like your human counterpart, you've got more than enough attitude to make up for any missing tailless. Rock on Jerry Lee!

  13. Oh my he is so cute. The combination of extra toes and no tail just slays me.

  14. Sweet Jerry Lee - **chin skritches** for you and your sibs
    And mama Beulah deserves an awesome Mothers day next weekend!

    As my Polydactyl kitty-girl Toes would say...I have a mutation that is NOT abnormal.

    As evidenced by the Hemingway colony.

    The Poly trait has run sure and true through your family and you will find those extra toes help you with creating special kinds of mischief!


  15. you are sooo adorable Jerry Lee..The no tail will be no problem for you.. it makes you very unique and we all Love you darling -- Jeanne

  16. Well hello little Jerry Lee :)

    Your little tailess butt is cute. Perhaps there's some Manx in your heritage?

    Manx cats with little bumps but no tail are called "stumpies", ones without a bump are called "rumpies"

    I will just call you beautiful :D

  17. And Chanter needs to know that his face has such great distinction. The area around his mouth, including the bases for ALL THOSE WHISKERS is almost white with a tiny dark hyphen on either side of his nose. His nose to his forehead is that same lighter color with a strong M mark that perfectly outlines the the light color. His eyes are very round and blue (maybe still baby blue that may turn) and just at the outside edges there are tiny light triangles. He has a little worried pouty mouth. His face is perfectly adorable and perfectly symmetrical.

  18. All right, all together now - who's the favorite of this bunch? Well....actually that'd be hard to say. These are the BEST lot yet...oh, wait, I say that every time, dont' I? I bet these kittens are all extra lovey all their lives from the admiration and adoration WE all send along with them.......

  19. Awww.... what a precious little angel baby! Nice to meet you Mr. Gerald! :-)

  20. Jerry Lee! What an adorable name... for Utterly Adorable babe. Now, I'm not prejudiced or nuffin, but Lee is _my_ middle name, so there you go. I'm votin fer Jerry Lee! Yay!

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  22. Hi little itty bitty kitty.

    Jerry you are unique and will be loved all the more for it. You have the cutest little hiney in the bunch.

    My name is Six and I was born with deformed front feet (i walked like forest gump). Mommy will tell the whole story someday.

    And I am Pinky, because I have a pink nose and a little Pinky tail. Before mommy found me my tail got stuck in a dumpster. When I ran, only half my tail came with me.

    ♥Love paws and head nudgies♥
    Six and Pinky

  23. Jerry Lee--you shake my nerves and you rattle my brain! Goodness gracious. Don't forget that too much love drives a man insane, and it looks like you're the paws-down favorite so far.



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