Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rest Up Auggie, You too LeRoy, You've Got a Big Day Ahead..

Well, four out of five Mayfields have made weight, which means it's time to have their itty bitty bits removed. Auggie and LeRoy are going into Met Vet for their surgery today. They will have a couple days to recover, then their new parents will be picking them up.

That's right folks.. Auggie and LeRoy will be staying together. We're thrilled, of course. It's always better when they go in pairs and Auggie and LeRoy are very close.

So now EVERYONE has a home and they all will be departing shortly.

Can you believe it ??? It really does seem like they just got here!



  1. I can't believe they have all found homes already. Didn't they just get here? I'm going to miss them so much. And thanks for all you do with these itty kitties. And thanks for the pictures, this blog always cheers me up.

  2. AW. though i am happy for them, I sure will miss the updates. Pretty please, new parents give us occasional updates :-)

  3. WOW! It really does seem like it's been only a few days. How wonderful that they've all found homes so quickly.

    Congratulations to you and to them!

    New homes: Updates, please?

  4. i always ask the parents for updates,, sometimes they do... but not always.

    fergus' mom is a professional photographer, and she's real good. i am sure she'll keep us up to date with lovely photos!

  5. Good luck with your surgeries, little ones!

  6. So cool, so cool, so cool!

    - Auggie & Leroy's photos
    - Everybody having forever homes!!!!
    - Potential for fabulous Fergie pics as he grows up!

    *sigh* I agree, it seems like they just got here, but I guess it was around Valentine's Day. *sniff* they grow up sooooo fast! Sending up an itty bitty prayer for quick'n'easy surgeries on itty bitty parts.

  7. Oh no! How will I survive without IBKs?

    Actually, I am so happy for them and for their new parents! They are the sweetest guys/gal & deserve the best! I'm glad about their pairings...siblings make such good friends!

    Thanks for sharing them with us!

  8. Responsible love - that's what you find in proper fosters and forever parents. And Responsible Love means taking care of the bitty parts. Bon Voyage, treasures - and a great life to you! They go to their new homes full of tender love from all over the world.

  9. viabloom...
    oh there will be more kitties.. kitten season is just kicking off.

  10. Nooooooo! I don't want them to leave!

  11. Whoa! Didn't you just get these itty bitties, like, yesterday? *blinks* time flies indeed!

    Yay for forever homes for all five kittens; I'm going to miss them, but that's what, hopefully, updates from their families are for. :)

    *virtually cuddles them all from across the country* One of those virtual cuddles has wings, too.

  12. So, how much does Precious Porter Pot Pie weigh? This is all more than I can stand.

  13. Oh, I'm the luckiest girl in the world! I got to meet the Holsteins in-person (I mean in-cat)!!! Sue is an amazing foster mama. She brought them into the shelter for a check-up, and insisted that I meet them (how could I resist?). I think Patty Cake might be my favorite. We played peek-a-boo ~ she's a very curious and confident girl until she wanders a little too far from her siblings, then she dashes back to them. Little lazy Lionel is breathtaking. Not to mention Lovely Rita with her sweet angelic face. Then there's Emmett who slept through most of our visit (being that cute is hard work), and Win-Win who watched from afar (still keeping a close eye on the peek-a-boo antics). They all have super personalities. Kudos to foster mama Sue for taking such amazing care of them. Thanks, Sue, for introducing us! And good luck, Auggie & LeRoy ~ we'll all be thinking of you on your big day!!
    PS ~ Big Kitties "Bugz" and "Juliet" were adopted from the shelter today! Yay for big kitties finding forever homes!!!

  14. You said it, dale-harriet!

    I am so glad ibks can be relieved of their itty bitty parts before adoption these days and spare their fosters that worry when they go off to their new homes.

    I remember when pet owners were told to wait until at least 6 mos, preferrably 9, and accidents happened.

    There are far too many ibks in the world who will never have forever homes... Responsible love is the only way to go!

  15. Auggie & Leroy -
    You won't even miss those parts!

    And you will have days and weeks and YEARS of love ahead.

    I do hope your people will send an update - you are both so dear!

    And as 'shans' said - hooray for big kitties getting forever homes!

  16. Good luck with the surgeries you kitties, and Porter, just keep eating, eating and er, eating please.

    Thank you.

  17. Oh, I'm so thriled that they got adopted together. My dream couple was Porter Mayfield and Lionel Holstein. I am visiting Seattle this weekend (live in Oakland) and had many fantasies of coming over to scoop up these 2 kitties to take home with me! I really love your site and thank you for your contributions and care of these animals. Next...when do you get another batch???

  18. Yes, I know. We aren't supposed to have favorites. But Fergus has always been my favorite!

    And his brand new Momma is a photographer! Hot dang!!! The mysterious "M" please keep us loyal Fergusites posted on his growing up!

  19. Just out of curiosity: how much does this website/blog help in finding good homes for the kitties? And does it seem to help Shana to find homes for her adult cats?

    As I've never had a cat of my own (and never will, due to family member's allergy), I really enjoy learning to know different kitty personalities. The text and the photos together really bring them out and I'm very thankful you are so willing to share the stories with us, the good, the bad, the sad, the mischievous...

  20. mari - the blog really helps us find amazing parents for our kittens. all of the parents of the batch just about ready to leave came to us through the blog.

    i'm not sure if the cats at the humane society benefit from it or not. there's no way to really measure that.

    anne b. porter has reached 2 pounds !

    shana b ! you lucky girl. aren't the holsteins wonderful? yay for the big kitties that got adopted !!



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