Friday, April 4, 2008

Little LeRoy and Precious Porkchop

LeRoy and Porter
So sad, but these two will be saying goodbye to each other tomorrow.


  1. Itty Bitty Bruddies! Thank heaven PPPP will have the lovely and talented Clementine to be his backup.
    TOMORROW! Say it isn't so!

  2. *tears up, catch in throat*

    They look so pensive. I want to give them huggles and tell them it's all okay!

    Our time with them seems to have gone so quickly! sigh...

  3. Ah, but boys -- you're going to Forever Homes, and unless we (who love you) miss our guess, you haven't BEGUN to imagine the full range of "spoiled and pampered" yet. Think on THAT! (bon voyage, tres beau petits hommes)

  4. I am so sad to see Pork Chop go, but I know that he will have a lovely home with Clementine!

  5. Exciting new lives await those fellas, they look totally up for it. You do a great job with them.

  6. I Heart tabby kittens. Little fuzzy balls of love.....sigh.

  7. snif snif...Good Bye my friends..I know you will love your new Forever home and am 200% sure you will be soooo deserve it..You will be missed and be always in my heart...Love you cute little kitties....Big hugs and kisses from Ireland

  8. ((((LeRoy))))
    ((((Pork Chop))))
    *sigh* The poets were right... parting is such sweet sorrow.

    And dale-harriet is right, Auggie and LeRoy can't begin to suspect all the love about to be showered upon them.

  9. Oh sweet Precious Porter PorkChop and furry antics will be missed here on the IBKC site...but do enjoy your new FOREVER home!

    I am going to go to sleep now...Give your new family lots of lovin'! I know you got lots of practice doing that with the committee!

  10. Best wishes and many kisses send you off to your new lovin' homes. How wonderful it is to see more happy endings. We'll miss you but what fantastic lives you have ahead of you.

    Thanks again foster angels for rescuing and placing the kitty babies.



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