Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Now That You've Met the Holsteins...

Let's do a little side by side comparison so you can tell them apart...

Emmett and Rita
Emmett (left) and Rita (right)
Lionel and Winnifred
Lionel (left) and Winnifred (right)
Patty, Lionel, Winifred
Patty (front), Lionel (back left), and Winnifred (right)
Patty, Lionel, Winnifred, Rita, Emmett
Back Row from left to right:
Patty, Winnifred, Rita and Emmett
Front row: Lionel


  1. Rita looks like she's telling Lionel "down in front, bro"

    These pics are adorable! I think I need a whole herd of Holsteins!

  2. Oy, these kitties are so dang adorable! I love Lionel's constant "woot.." expression. And that little pink tongue *just* peeking out... Priceless...

  3. I'm overcome with the Holsteins. Just pile 'em up in a basket and send them all, but do that only after I have received Precious Porter Pot Pie and the rest of the fabulous Mayfields.
    The problem, I fear, is that it's probably illegal to send anything this adorable across state lines of which there are many between WA and VA!

  4. Hey what a grand little herd!

  5. I absolutely love Emmett; he's still on my screensaver. Those big pitiful looking eyes that are screaming "snorgle me!" make me smile all day long!

    Mayfields and Holsteins-you rock!

    Emmett Hugs,


  6. I want them all!! Ah well, since I already have 4 of my own, I'll have to content myself with admiring their wonderful photos.

  7. i love lionel!! oh if only i lived in washington.
    i think it is so great what you guys do. i only hope i can do something similar one day.

  8. ditto about Emmet... there is something about his nose & muzzle that is just too cute to stand

  9. I know it's not a contest, but your site beats cuteoverload on so many levels! Thanks for all the kuttens, I wouldn't want to start a day without them.

  10. Aww....they are too cute!
    I love little Rita.
    -Sarah L.

  11. Hello. ihhhh, so lovely and too cute they say kiss me hug me hold me and love me and I think you do! Ill be back!

  12. *sigh* Just want to love 'em all up! And hugs to Sue, their foster mom!

    So many coincidences... my family is from Schleswig-Holstein, in Germany. The queen kitteh in my house is Winifred and one of our foster kitties this summer was an Emmett! It's a small world after all!

  13. ooohhh..sooooo cuuutteee...want to hug and squezzzz them all...Your blog makes my day every day I look at it ^-^

  14. I just looked at these photos again and it's so funny in the last picture where it lists the back row and then the whole front row is Lionel. Well, of course it is!

  15. These remind me of those "Got Milk" billboards!

    OOOhhhhh - kittens are so fluffery and hopeful!

  16. i must say the the 3 Holsteins that live with me now, and their sister PattyCake, are the best kittens i've shared a house with ever.
    Thank you Sue!
    emmett, winnifred, rita (and PattyCake!)



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