Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kitty Profile: Lionel Holstein

Name: Lionel
Nickname: Nope. Just Lionel.
Describe yourself in 20 words or less: Cute as a button, soft as a bunny, sweet as pie, fabulous eyes. Perfect.
What are your hobbies? Rough and tumble frolicking. I’m the biggest and want to be sure everyone knows it. (Truth be told, even “Rita the Tiny” can sometimes get the best of me. Please don’t tell.)
Favorite toy: If you cut some 1” rings from your empty paper towel tubes, I’ll be the happiest boy in town. And wildly entertaining. Though I may need your help when I get one stuck on my nose.
Dislikes: When the sun stops shining through the window and I can no longer lie on my back soaking it into my fat little belly.
Dream-home Another kitty to chase and ample room to do it. I love to run!
An interesting fact about me: If you make a little cape for me I could pass as Batman. Don’t you think? I’ll be needing a tiny gadget belt as well.
Minor Imperfection: My major poofiness completely negates the bruiser image I want to project. I’m a poofy bruiser.
Why should you adopt me? Take another peek at the photo.

OK... any takers? Shoot me an email if you can't live without Lionel. I'll connect you with his foster mama, Sue.


  1. So poofy, and he's got those fabulous Holstein family eyes. What a darling poofy guy.

  2. What an adorable little boy. Someone is gonna love him to bits

  3. Ya know, I think Lionel is my favourite kitty here. If we had room for *another* one .. whoo boy!


  4. Awww, sweet Lionel. He reminds me of my Oliver Fluffypants when he was baby. If Oliver's any indication, Lionel will grow up to be a big boy, even under all that poofiness.

  5. no kidding, he's going to be big. and a lovebug, i bet. :)


  6. Sweet Lionel -
    Do not allow your floofiness to distress you!

    Your floofiness just conceals your fierce nature! A little camo never hurts!

  7. Aah little Lionel, that floof is a powerful thing m'dear. No one will be able to resist the power of the floof :D

  8. i want to adopt this little guy so bad!
    oh the day cats can be teleported across the country will be the best day ever!



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