Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Take a Peek, if you Like..

design sponge sneak peek

This is a non kitty related post, but I have some news that I am excited to share. Our house was featured on one of my favorite blogs, Design Sponge.

Pam, who writes another one of my favorite blogs (Housemartin) is a guest blogger on Design Sponge this week. She asked if she could do a "sneak peek" of our home and it was posted today. She was kind enough to mention the IBKC and included a picture of Lottie too. So welcome to all who found there way here via Design Sponge.

If anyone would care to check out the spread, click here.


  1. How cool! Love your house & glad to see your fab art get more notice :-)

  2. Okay - NOW it's clear why your photos of all your kitties are so marvelous! I had noticed some very interesting fabrics beneath some of your furry friends... so I'd thought perhaps there's a lot more to the story. =) Enjoyed this peek into your home... but still can't wait until you receive some more itty bitties!

  3. Can't wait to really look into this. From a quick look I can tell I'm going to be even more astounded by Laurie and Craig and already wonder how you keep kittens and art together. At my house there would be (and are) feathers and beads all over the place. I have some of those a drawer now that a few are without tail feathers..
    But the worry I have now is that I'll NEVER get anything done having been lead to these new blogs.

  4. your home, and flower arrangements, are as cute and sweet as your kitties!!

  5. Wow, your house is awesome! I've always been a sucker for well decorated dwellings and I like how yours looks elegant and yet inviting... my grandmothers house was elegant but you felt like you'd break something if you moved!

  6. Holy Smokes! I can't believe you can do all that while having itty bitty kitties around. Unless you have a closed workshop? Charlene and Drewey must keep them all in line. I can barely do any creative projects with my five "helpers" around.

    Beautiful work!

  7. I saw your house photos on Flicker and I was very impressed. I love your collections and decorating style. I am so amazed that you are able to keep all of those breakable things around with all of the kitties!

  8. Wow, two of my favorite blogs, crossing over. Ecstasy! I think I need a cigarette. . .

  9. OMG Laurie

    a) I always thought the bits and pieces of your house shown on the IBKC page were fabulous....I had no idea what we were missing!

    b) please come decorate my house. please please please? and name my kitties while you are there? : )

  10. That's awesome! I've always wanted to see more of your house because of the backgrounds in all your kitty photos. Well, it's beautiful.

    I live in Tacoma myself and wish someday to live in a historic house like yours. So much character. Even more when you decorate it like you have.



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