Friday, February 8, 2008

How to Craft with Kittens

After yesterday's post, a lot of you were curious about how I was able to craft when the kittens are around. Here's the secret.. you see, the kittens get adopted BEFORE they are old enough to really get into trouble. They're not big enough to jump on tables yet, so most of the damage they do, is at ground level. If I keep things off the floor, its fine. Keeping the door closed to the craft room helps too.

Cornelius was always extra curious about the craft room and managed to sneak in on multiple occasions. His new mom did mention to me that he has a fondness for yarn. Old habits die hard.

Now Charlene can be quite a pest in my craft room. If she's unattended, she'll take the things off my desk, and use them as toys. She also likes to rustle through my supply baskets to steal styrofoam balls, ribbon and yarn. If she's supervised, she's pretty good. She'll just sit on the desk and watch me work. Oh but there was that one time when she stepped in glue, followed by... glitter.....

Here are a couple of pics of a well mannered Charlene in the craft room.
My Shadow, Charlene Butterbean.


  1. Oh My Goodness! How can you stand it - to be around so much cuteness and beauty all day long? *sigh*.

  2. Oh, Charlene has such an earnest face. And I love her fingerless black gloves.
    Cornelius got into your space because he's a clever fellow who wants to be the center of attention!

  3. Oh, Styrafoam! I was doing art with styrafoam last night. That's great stuff to work with!

  4. I think you should do a post of Charlene kitten pictures... I bet she was a cute little bug :)

  5. What kind of breed is Charlene? Berman? Is she a purebred? I wanna know how you got her!

  6. I love Charlene. She is so fluffy and adorable. Do you have pictures of her with glitter-glue paws? I'd love to see that, lol. I just got a Siamese mix, and I'm thinking of a Birman for my next one. I want a little Butterbean of my own. :)

  7. I miss Cornelius!
    I wonder how he and his bow tie are doing

  8. Earnest! That's what Charlene's face is, and- for that matter - Cornelius' too! My Lilliiane adopts that earnest expression, but then blows it by wearing it as she sits next to a wastebasket emptied of all the rumpled paper. (Maybe she's just a literary critic?!?!)

  9. Anon,, Charlene looks exactly like a Birman, but i'm not sure that she is a pure breed. she and her brother ( who looked exactly like her, but sadly didn't make it) were dropped off the humane society when they were only a day or two old, so i don't know anything about who her parents were or where she came from. she was one of the first kittens kim fostered. when i met her, i knew she had to be my kitten. she was the cutest little thing in the word.

    odd CC - no picures of the glitter paw,, we went straight to the sink and washed her paw before she licked the glue and glitter off or tracked it on the floors.

    Anne - i miss him too. sigh.

  10. Oh, I do love Charlene Butterbean. Look how regal and pretty she looks in that last picture! ^_^

  11. I really like the naughty look in Charlenes' eyes, it's like she is is making plans to make a mess of your working space!



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