Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Meet Pretty Boy LeRoy !



Isn't he darling ? LeRoy's got the most hypnotic blue eyes. He's a sweet and snuggley little fellow too. Looks and personality,, this boy has got it all.



  1. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!!

  2. OMG! LeRoy the loverly kitty! He's a charmer, for sure!

  3. You can tell that I'm totally hooked on the IBKs since I'm often the first to comment (because I check in about 600 times a day for updates!)
    Oh, LeRoy, the king of hearts. Not only a great face but also the most gorgeous white belly!

  4. LEEEEEE-roy! You know, that comes from the French, "leRoi"...meaning "the King". And oh yes he is. As I see it, Anne Boleyn and I are going to have to take a house somewhere in the Seattle area, take turns checking the website (then we each only need to look 300 times a day) and we can adopt hundreds of the babies........

  5. If I could keep a pet in my dorm, LeRoy would be mine!

  6. Handsome Leroy -

    Many belly rubs are gonna come his way!

    How DO felines get comfy in those positions like the 4th pic, just casually draped over whatever is in the area.
    Oh to be even HALF that flexible again...

  7. Oh, he looks like a real snuggler!

    Katboxjanitor, isn't that the truth! Cats get into positions that would make the most experienced yoga adept in the world wince. My theory is that cats can transition their bodies from solid to liquid and back again, stopping at rubber along the way.

  8. Oh, LeRoy is THE boy. I love his foofy pants. or Trousers. Whatevah you want to call him. And boy, does he like to be the COY BOY noncholant...could eat him up, whiskers and all!

    LeRoy Hugs, Robin

  9. Anne B,,, Just make the IBKC your home page !
    His belly is surperior.

    Ann F,,, excellent theory.

    Robin.. We call them kitten pants. Or crazy pants or rowdy pants,, depending on the state they are in.

  10. Awww. Hi there kitten number three, LeRoy the snuggler! The name origins aren't lost on me either; long live the king? :)

  11. Hi LeRoy - Welcome to the world you little darling!!!

  12. Oh, my! What a charmer! And just when I'd fallen in love with Pork Chop. Ok, who am I kidding? I know I'm going to fall for the whole Mayfield mob. :-D



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