Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just Saying Hello

I just wanted to say hello to all the new friends that have been visiting the IBKC. I am noticing lots of new names in the comment section and lots of new visitors in the stats.

So a big welcome to all of you! Thanks for coming to visit the babies.

I also wanted to acknowledge all the loyal folks who stuck around through the Great '08 Kitten Drought ! Thank you for coming back everyday ! You are troopers !

Here's a shot of the Mayfield Six. Porter is on the upper right, LeRoy on the bottom left, Fergus on the bottom right ( and NOT looking at the camera,, we need to work on that). The others.. well you'll just have to wait until tomorrow morning when I introduce you to the next IBK.

I'll admit I am quite biased,, but DANG ! Aren't these babies cute? I wish you could all see them in action. You would be so amazed at their speed and agility, given their size and age. It's quite impressive.

That's all for now,, we'll see you tomorrow with kitty number four.


  1. OMG. They are soo cute!! Thanks for the bonus group shot :-)

  2. Twins! And triplets! Amazing, just beautiful.

  3. After some absence on my part (work just sux, doesn't it??), I am glad to have found that you have been blessed with SIX IBKs!!! Oh, and how precious they are. Cannot wait to see them grow up and be socialized, but also the beautiful adoption tales that come with each furball finding a forever home :)

  4. the teensy tiny one is keeeeeeeling me!

  5. They're a set, aren't they? How can you stand to not just spend all day with the LOT in a snuggy blanket in your lap filled with the babies? No matter how tense a day, your weebees warm me up and make me chuckle. THANKS!!

  6. holy crap, they are cute. Right now, my kitten has gotten into, i am mobile and will make a mess everywhere at all times. While it's funny a lot of the times, i kind of miss teeny tiny kitties! They are the best. I am so excited to see the other three. That tiny one takes my heart totally.

  7. OMG! They are the absolute end! I want to cuddle each and every one! {{{IBKs}}} sigh

  8. Adorable x 6 !!!! I'd like to order all of them please.

  9. I can't believe how gorgeous they all are, I would have them all in a heart beat if I lived in the same country.

  10. Thanks for the welcome Laurie :-) I love your site, and those new babies are so precious!
    *sneak out of the lurker cave for quick belly rubs*
    Hmmmm kitten floof...


  11. Oh, what babies!

    As I've only been an IBKC addict since December, this is my first brand new litter! I cannot wait to see these little gems adopted quickly.

    Alas, if I did not live so far away and have my apartment's cat limit already. I'd whisk them away to live a life of leisure.

  12. I must say I have a little crush on Fergus!

  13. They are furry cute. They look like my beanie babies which are MY kittens since I can't make kittens any more.

  14. Oh, such a bundle of kittenhood! Some of them are already playing to the camera, I see. They're wonderful!

    Ann F, who somehow can only post as anon today.

  15. Will you post video of them moving and squeaking? Squeaking kittens are my favorite sensory overload in the world.
    (officially out of lurkerdom now :-)

  16. Ooooh thank you for the furry infusions

    The kitteny cuteness

    The ..... oh heck, the catgone cute photos and the obvious love you give to all these babies to help them find and keep their forever homes.

    Many purrs for you!



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