Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Letter to Charlene

charlene butterbean
Dear Charlene,
I am sorry, but I have some news that you may find disturbing. I know I should tell you this in person, but I think it will be much easier for me to deliver this news in a letter.

I hope you are sitting down now. Maybe lying down would be better. Or maybe you should even go to that "safe spot" under the bed that you go to when I turn on the vacuum cleaner. You're not going to like this.

You may have noticed that Cornelius and Maddie haven't been around lately. I am sorry, but they were adopted and we probably won't be seeing them again. Willamena and Lottie got adopted too. They will be leaving us on Friday. We're all very sad about it, but we knew going into this, that it would have to happen eventually. I know you were very close to them and you'll miss them terribly.

I am sorry, but there's more bad news.

There won't be any kitties coming to live with us right away. You see your dad and I are going to be going to Australia for three weeks in January, and we can't get anymore kitties until we return.

Finally, in case you haven't figured it out yet, yes, your dad and I will be leaving you and your sister for three weeks in January. Your pal Nicholas will be staying here and taking care of you. Kim will come by to check on you too. It will be fine. You will have to promise me that when you get bored, you will not torture your sister. In return, she promises not to be cranky the entire time we are away.

If you're a good little butterbean, we might just bring you home a nice platypus or koala bear to call your own. Or at the very least, a souvenir tee-shirt.

Don't you worry, we'll be back before you know it. As soon as we land, we will rush right down to the humane society and pick out some new kittens for you to love.

Be good,

Your Mom and Dad

PS You were adopted.


  1. Your blog is just absolutely adorable. If I didn't already have two cats of my own, I would definitely be going through the THS(where I got one of my two cats). I miss them while I'm at school but your blog gives me a daily dose of cuteness. I can't wait to get home and give them both big hugs!

    Thanks! We'll miss your pictures while you're gone!

  2. HEHEHE I loved that p.s.! Charlene is quite a beauty, I love her ear fluff.

    Hope you have a wonderful Australian adventure!!!

  3. After the more than fabulous Charlene gets over the shock, she may realize that having the place almost to herself for three weeks is not such a bad thing.
    Just before my twins were born, a long time ago, I had to tell my marmalade kitty that he was adopted. After the girls arrived, Doober decided I had been lying about the adoption because the babies had strawberry blond hair too.

  4. You are on my very short list of heroes! What you are doing is fabulous! Have a wonderful vacation in Australia - I'll be awaiting your return and the new crew.

    BTW - your last night w/Cornelius made me cry, as did Maddie's story. Of course, there were tears of joy liberally mixed in, knowing that the kitties were going to great homes.

    Bless them - Bless you!

  5. OMG! How traumatic! How heartless! Delivering such news in a letter! In a postscript, even!

    I started fostering with a little trepidation about what my bigs would think about kittens coming and going, but I was convinced after about three groups that they really missed the littles when they left. And they became interested more and earlier each time we got a new group.

    At one point I likened my house to a meerkat society, where the alpha female (me) periodically presented the group with a new litter, and it was their job to help raise them.

  6. I think Miss Butterbean would love Australia...I was most amazed when I was there by the BIRDS...what would be seen in the trees were beautiful, colorful parrots and exotic birds that we can only see in exotic bird stores, books or zoos. Possibly a lovely DVD of the birds of Australia? She may forgive you.

    Butterbean Hugs,

    P.S. Charlene told me that SHE adopted YOU!

  7. sweet!!! but now I can't show my babies today's blog b/c they are not ready to know they were adopted. My boy is convinced that he will grow up to like taking showers and wearing shoes. I am glad the itty bitties have found homes, may they be happy fat cats for a long time.

  8. If there is anyone in this o' world more deserving of a vacation trip (and I do SO hope it's first-class all the way) I sure don't know it. I too wish you a wonderful time! I (and the thousands you see gathered behind me) will be happily anticipating hearing about the trip -- and seeing the new babies!

  9. You crack me up Laurie!!:)
    I especially love the PS....
    See you Friday!

  10. Have a great time in Australia! Where-abouts are you going? I will eagerly look forward to your return for pictures and stories to share until a new batch of IBKs come in and we get pictures and stories of them.

    ps I wish I had your kitty-naming superpowers.

  11. have a wonderful time down under.

    your p.s. cracked me up. you are the cutest thing ever. no wonder kitties love you so.

  12. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    the cruelty of mom & dad.

    call if you need anything, charlene. a tummy rub perhaps?

  13. Charlene is absolutely GOR-GEOUSSSSS!!!! What a beauty she is. I hope she enjoys her caretaker and some quietness for a while. Hugs to Laurie and Miss Butterbean at Christmas time.

  14. What will I do without my daily dose of IBKC????

    I hope you have a wonderful trip and all, but Charlene is not the only one who is going to be missing kitten companionship! :-)

    I love this blog and greatly admire what you do.

  15. When you come to Australia, come to Canberra where the Zoo has the countries largest collection of big cats - and you can get in the cage and pat them.

  16. *sigh* I love this site. I love Charlene Butterbean. And I love her name. I also love all your kitties, and their names, and am sad to see them go... but happy they're going to good homes & that you're very picky about making sure they go to good homes.

    I'm sad that you'll be away for 3 whole weeks but will look forward to your return & the new batch of love you'll be brewin'.

    The IBKC is a daily staple in my online diet and while I have never posted a comment before, I want you to know that I think you do wonderful things in a wonderful way.

    I volunteered at a cat adoption centre for years and understand the joy & heartache and ultimate desire to do right by these furry babies. I'm grateful there are others out there who do good work, like you.

    Thanks for bringing sunshine into my life every day. It's very much appreciated.



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