Sunday, December 2, 2007

Kitty Profile: Willamena

Name: Willamena Bouvier
Nickname: Willa, Mena, Tiny Tot, Thumbalina, Little W.
Describe yourself in 20 words or less: Everybody loves me and I know it, but I don't let it go to my head. I am sweet as pie. I look delicate, but I am not.
What are your hobbies? Meditating, sitting in front of the heater vent, sitting on (or in) shoes, wrestling with toy mice, biting Cornelius in the booty.
Favorite toy: Incredible Hulk doll or a shoe lace.
Dislikes: An empty food bowl.
Dream-home: Anywhere I can receive all the love I deserve.
An interesting fact about me: I have thumbs !
Minor Imperfection: Anytime you walk into the kitchen, I will expect to be fed.
Why should you adopt me? I am a complete lovebug. And I have thumbs!!!


  1. i want to adopt you, willamena! i want to adopt all of the IBKs. but i love you and your thumbs so much!!!!

  2. Willa and Maddie are on! They're superstars now! But folks around here already knew that. I love little Willa and her thumbs; and now I love her nicknames too. *giggles at Thumbelina*

  3. They are superstars! But I seriously doubt Willa was "born evil"!

  4. Dear Person-in-Charge. It HURTS! I love ALL these babies so much, and when I look at them I turn off the 'puter and do two things immediate: PRAY like mad that they get homes worthy of them (and together in pairs) and then go and snuggle and rub and smooch and love and hug on Evangeline and Lilliane, who tolerate it for a couple of minutes and then say "If you're going to act like that we expect treats. LOTS of them." If I lived near you I'd want a huge Victorian House where I could spend all my time developing a reputation for being a Crazy Cat Lady and I would come with a basket for ALL of them (except Charlene Butterbean, of course). PS PLEASE do that book soon so I can keep looking at them?

  5. Hi there! I'm an icanhascheezburger reader :-) Just wanted to say that this blog is a fabulous idea! I've worked with some rescue orgs that have no-- or really terrible-- webpages, and this seems user-friendly and looks great. My sister lives in Tacoma, so I'll definitely pass on the link...

  6. Dear dale-harriet - I'm right there with you sweetie. I'll buy the big ol' Victorian right next to yours and we can be the two Crazy Cat Ladies.

    Dear Kitties - that does it, Hubby and I have to move to Takoma so we can adopt ALL of you. You are very special babies and I just KNOW you are going to find the perfect forever homes cos' your foster mommy and daddy are doing all the right things to find them.

    Much love and kisses to each little furry face.

  7. Oh Miss Willamena, if only I lived in Tacoma instead of Scottsdale, I would certainly bring you home and worship you!

  8. Oh Miss Willamena, you are so sweet... You would love my other two "bigfoot" kitties. If only you were in my state! Some cultures believe a "bigfoot" is good luck, and whoever gets you is certainly lucky!

  9. If I lived closer I would take all 3! My boyfriend and I discussed the "Crazy Cat lady" term, and we decided that if you own more than one cat and take care of it and treat it like your child you are a "crazy cat person". I would gladly loose my marbles and take on that moniker if I could have an all black kitten, a kitten with thumbs and a kitten with a kiss. Too bad I live in Maryland. I bet my current kittens would love these little guys!



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