Sunday, December 2, 2007

Kitty Profile: Maddie

Name: Maddie Bouvier
Nickname: Maddiekins, Maddiecakes
Describe yourself in 20 words or less: I am one of the most affectionate kittens you will ever meet. I am also a rough and tumble kind of girl. I play hard, and snuggle harder.
What are your hobbies? Wrestling with my brother, purring loudly, getting baths from my big sister Charlene, being rowdy, sleeping on shoulders or laps.
Favorite toy: It's not really a toy, but you know those plastic things that come inside pizza boxes? Those things that keep the box lid from sticking to the cheese? Well they are super fun to chase on hard-wood floors.
Dislikes: Vacuum cleaners. It's not just me though,, all the other kitties hate them too. So do the big cats.
Dream-home: I would love to live anywhere with my brother Cornelius. If he wasn't there, I think I would like another playmate. I need a house with good windows to look out of and sunny spots to sleep in.
An interesting fact about me I have a peach colored patch on my nose that is shaped like a tiny pair of lips.
Minor Imperfection: I am very curious about the toilet. You must keep the lid down or I will attempt to swim in it.
Why should you adopt me? I give good love.


  1. i want to kiss maddie's peach patch. unfortunately i am all the way on the east coast. someone has to kiss it for me!

  2. The angels must have kissed her on her sweet little nose! Please kiss her for me, too.

  3. Maddie, I think you made 'I can has cheezburger'.

    Is that you?

  4. Acacia and Maymee.. it will be kissed.

    Akeeyu,, Yes,, it's her! And Willamena. I emailed the cheezburger foks and requested the credit the photo.

  5. Aw, she's my favorite. I would adopt her in a heartbeat if I lived close enough. I'm sure she'll find a good home!

  6. Oh my gosh, Maddie and Willamena are the _spitting images_ of our two kitties, Jason (male, markings like Willamena) and Pandora (female, markings like Maddie) - bit of a Greek Mythology theme there; Jason was and is the explorer, and Pandora was and is the trouble maker. Heh.

    When I saw the image over on I-Can-Has, my first thought was "oh my god, mayeb that IS them? From the sheltr, or before?" ... and, well, here I am.

    The main (only?) difference in appearance is, Pandora is a _dilute_ tortie. Actually, I have a picture of them online, from when they were about a year old, give or take, curled up asleep on top of a jacket that had been tossed on a makeshift desk we were using at the time:

    That doesn't wrap well; hmm, in case it gets partly eaten, here it is again, cut in halves:


    We adopted ours from a Humane Society shelter some three years ago, now. Opposite side of the continent from you folks - out in Lowell, Massachusetts ... about 50 or so miles northwest of Boston. They were the last of their litter, and the staff weren't even _completely_ sure they were from the same litter ... so, being just two kittens, barely eating solid, dry food? Terrified, huddled in the back corner of the cat-cubby-hole (not a wire cage). Traumatised with wodl-just-changed fear when we brought them home, too.

    But once they came out of their shell (a little bit of playing, and setting things up to give them a clearly-defined safe area using the carrier, their litter box, food/water dish, and another small box or two ... a safe area we increased in size by a foot or so every day ... well, predictably, it wasn't long before they were off exploring every corner of the whole apartment.

    And they've been completely in charge of our home ever since ... ^_^

    Well. That was a bit longer of a comment than I'd expected to leave at first, but ... it's mah KITTEHS, I gots to show them off!

    That, and wish Maddie & Company the best of luck finding warm, happy homes ASAP. You folks taking care of them, especially knowing you'll be giving them up again ...? The world needs more people like you.

    Happy holidays to one and all, four-footed or two!



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