Thursday, December 13, 2007

Itty Bitty Christmas Committee


Dad,, the kittens are getting into the tree again.


Thank you, Charlene.


But Dad,, I think there's still one in there.




  1. This blog absolutely makes my day. I live in Ohio, but I wish I lived near these kittens so I could adopt them :) Thanks for sharing your kittens with us! I really feel like I know them! These pictures are too adorable!

  2. Charlene found the Christmas kitten! Even better than the Christmas pickle! :)

  3. I think you are verrrry brave to have breakable Orny-ments...Knock on wood, but over the 13 years of my kitties owning me, they've never been the tree climber types...they try to mess with my head by staring crazily at my Winnie the Pooh ornaments, but so good!

    I'll miss your purrballs that will be leaving soon, but I know they're going to good homes. What will Charlene Butterbean do?

    Furry Hugs, Robin

  4. one year when we had 2 adult cats and 2 kittens, we laid bets (One dollar each) on who would be the first one up the tree. Everyone chose a "horse". My son's "horse", Gracie, won.

    We had rules, too, like no open cans of tuna hanging from the tree. And no throwing of fuzzy mice in the tree.

  5. Good girl, Charlene!!!

  6. Wait - the song only talks about a partridge in a pear tree - not a Lottie in a tree!

    Pixie McDivit (our youngest) is helping us selectively un-decorate our tree - angel ornament by angel ornament. It's SOOOO much fun if you do it right. See, first you tinkle the ornament just loud enough that Mommy can hear you. Then you wait until she's halfway down the stairs before grabbing the angel by her toile (oh my!), tugging real hard until she pops off the tree and then running all over the house with her in your mouth ESPECIALLY if Mommy is in hot pursuit! And just when it looks like you might let Mommy catch you, you run under the bed and hide the angel in your secret stash. Heee heee heee.

    Merry Christmas All! And Happy Everything Else!



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