Monday, November 12, 2007

Kitty Brazilians

You'll be happy to know that Cornelius and Maddie came through their surgeries just fine. They were alert and purring when I picked them up this afternoon. Once we got home, they took a nice long nap. When they woke up, they were on fire.

I have been trying hard to keep them mellow and calm. It's nearly impossible. They are kittens, after all. I have removed all toys and other stimulants from their reach. I do all I can to discourage climbing and leaping. I have tried separating them. I ask them again, and again " Do you have any idea what happened while you were sleeping at met vet today? Aren't you wondering why you are all bare down there?".

Maddie's naked little underbelly is pretty dang cute. She practically got a "brazilian" today. I'd share some pics,, but I like to keep this blog G-rated.

Thanks for all your well wishes. The kitties appreciate it, and so do I.


  1. Maddie is the prettiest little cat I have ever seen.

  2. Get well soon, sweet babies!!!

  3. After my kitteh was neutered, at 16 weeks, he walked into the kitchen and immediately leaped to the top of the fridge. So much for keeping him quiet. Yikes-o-rama!

  4. P.S. -- As for the girls, nothing is cuter and more kissable than belly peach fuzz. NOTHING.

  5. O well, I *knew* they'd be all right, but BOY am I glad you wrote to say so....and while THEY may not thank you, I will on their behalf. You're guaranteeing them one more tik n their "better life" column.



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