Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Itty Bitty Road Trip

we packed all the kitties in the subaru and headed over the pass towards viola, idaho to visit craig's folks. they did great on this 6 hour journey. there were a few peeps and cries when we first were leaving town, but once we got on the highway, they all settled down.

craig's parents have a really lovely home and serene acreage on moscow mountain. the kittens had a blast exploring this quiet country. they climbed all over the rock terraces and through the flower beds. they chased bugs on the patio and in the grass.
rex in the geraniumsit's a big world, reva

the kittens met sortie, a big, lovable, shaggy, cat-friendly pooch. this was the first dog they had encountered and i have to say, they were a little rude towards their new acquaintance. they all puffed up and little wendell opened his mouth and let out the least threatening cat hiss i have ever heard. it sounded more like air being slowly let out of a bicycle tire rather than an actual cat hiss. it was pretty precious. reva and rex, who are the normally the bigger babies of the bunch, didn't seem to worried about the giant dog. us against them

the kitties were pretty exhausted after the visit and slept almost the whole way home. we sprung the kittens from their cage when we returned and they broke into a serious play session. everyone was pouncing on each other, hissing and puffing up. i guess they all learned a couple of new tricks on their visit.
puff mitzypuff wendell

it was a weekend full of many first for the babies... first road trip, firs dog, first puff, first hiss.... i guess when you're an itty bitty kitty, every day is full of firsts.


  1. I know this is years after the fact, but I have a couple of questions. How did you travel with the kitties? Did you have a litter box for them in the car? And when you take them outside, do you worry that they will run away? I'd like to foster kitties myself someday, and I'm fascinated with the process.

  2. We have a large wire cage that we put in the back of our station wagon with a litter box inside.

    Normally don't bring them outside. This time, we let them run around the patio and deck.. They don't go too fast, and there were four of us keeping guard.



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