Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Making Weight

Wendell is now tipping the scales at 1.75 pounds. as soon the kitties each reach two pounds, they are ready to be "fixed". shortly there after, they will be available for adoption.

These babies are all loving and trusting. They were bottle fed from the start, so are very used to human contact. They are cuddly and as sweet as can be. They are all special little kitties and deserve only the best of homes.

We think that Rex and Reva should go as a pair. They spend a lot of time together, and aren't nearly as independent as Mitzy and Wendell. We would love it if Mitzy and Wendell went together, but would break up the set for the right home.

Sooooooooooo which kitties would you like to adopt?? Interested parties in the seattle/tacoma area please email me.

reva, where are your manners?
mitzymr rex vontroutmr wendell j. hopps

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