Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mr Von Trout , How Do You Do ?

Oh rex, don't be so shy. it's safe. come on out of the corner and say hello.
shy one

Ok, hello.

foster baby
Meet Rex Von Trout. He's a tiny little guy with a big name. Rex is named after Craig's grandfather, Rex. Craig thought his kitty belly was spotted like a brown trout. so he became Rex Von Trout.

Kitty belly on left. fishy belly on right.
rex spots fish spots

Rex is the the littlest kitty, but the biggest cry baby in the bunch. He often teams up with Reva (named after Craig's grandma) for wrestling, romping and cuddling. They are quite a duo, and we hope to find a home for them together.

rex and reva
Soooo... does anyone need a pair of kitties?? Rex and Reva Von Trout might just need you !

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