Thursday, August 16, 2007

chubby little cross-eyed wendell

chubby fosterchubby little wendell
wendell looks like a chubby little crossed-eyed farm boy trapped in a kitten body. we felt wendell would be an appropriate name for such a character. his full name is wendell jefferson hopps, but you call him wendell j. for short. why jefferson? craig thought of that. i think there's a tradition in his family of giving presidential names as middle names. as for hopps, well, he hops. this big boy is pretty light on his toes.
a handful of kitties
wendell is the best. he gives the biggest, doughy-eyed looks that just make me melt. i think charlene is quite smitten with him as well. she loves putting him in a head-lock ( or a "half wendell' as we call it) and licking him clean. he seems to enjoy every second of it.

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