Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How was your day Wendell?

poor wendell
Oooooooh really,, that bad?

Today was not fun for the kitties. Kim and I took them into the Humane Society to get vaccinated and micro-chipped. The Humane Society is kind of a frightening place when you are itty bitty. There are many strange sights, smells and sounds. aAnd lots of big dogs.

When it was time for the shots, Reva was the biggest scaredy-cat. She cried and wiggled and scratched. Wendell let out a peep, but just a small one. Rex and Mitzy just sat there all big-eyed.

They all got weighed today too. Wendell is over two pounds now. Surprisingly Reva is the next biggest,followed by Mitzy then Rex. I thought Rex would out-weigh the girls. I guess he's all fluff.

So all in all,, the kitties did pretty well. They were exhausted after the outing. I'm sure they'll sleep all day. By evening, they will have forgetten the day's events, and will return to their normal kitty crazies.

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