Thursday, August 10, 2017

Nick Got Picked!


A few years ago, Esther adopted Casper, a friendly, floofy white kitty, from the Humane Society. He's been the perfect cat, but recently he's been showing signs that he's a little bored, and has put on a little weight too, so Esther thought he might be in need of a little friend to help exercise him and keep him entertained.   He lives with two dogs, a Corgie and a Standard Poodle, and they get along great, but nothing beats a kitty friend, so Esther reached out to me.

We had her over for a meet-and-greet and we spent some time chatting and she got to know the four Alexanders that were available.  Nick's sweet and easy personality seemed like it would mesh best with Casper, and Esther officially picked Nick.

She had planned to take introductions slow and ease Nick into Casper's life, but Nick was so curious to explore and meet his brother, so Esther let them go nose-to-nose on the first day. Casper was a little surprised at first, but things were not tense -- no hissing or puffing. They're doing great now and they both seem very happy to have each other.  The dogs will be a bigger adjustment for Nick, so Esther is taking those introductions slow.

You'll be happy to know that Esther promises to send us updates on Nick and his fabulous coat -- I told her that we are all curious to see how he looks as he grows.  

Congratulations on this sweet addition to you family, Esther!  We're so happy for you, all your critters, and especially Nick, of course!









  1. Sounds like a lovely match - good luck to all and we'll look forward to the updates :)

  2. Nick of the FAB coat now lives with Casper the White Cat??? How lucky can a boy get?
    I can not wait to see what this wonderful coat becomes when Nick is all grown up.

  3. Such a sweet little face he has. Lucky Esther!

  4. I am so happy we have been promised updates. Does she have a new name for him?

  5. Have we been so enamored of that Tesla coat that we neglected to mention the fabulosity of Nick's pink nose? Or did I just zone out for that part? Because that is an absolutely pinktacular nose.

  6. Nick's looking floof-tastic! He definitely has his share of friends to play and run around with to burn off energy.

  7. A mighty fine, firry chin just waiting for a scritch!

  8. A mighty fine, firry chin just waiting for a scritch!



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