Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Let's Hear it for the Boys!

I can hardly believe this, but next week we'll be celebrating our 10th Blogiversary!  I've got lots of fun stuff planned, and I wanted to include a bunch of alumni updates all week long.  SO, to all you parents of Itty Bitty Kitties, please send some photos and an update HERE by Sunday, August 13th.  We're all curious to see your grown-up babies and hear all about what they're up to!

I'm happy to report that Joseph and Henry have found their family!!!  I'm so thrilled these two will be moving on together  --  I'm sure they are, too!   Their new parents have a busy week ahead so they'll be waiting until this weekend to bring them home. We're happy, of course, to have a few more days with this duo. Wylla LOVES having two little buddies to run with, and now that they're getting bigger, she doesn't have to play so gently, so it makes much more fun for her.

Congrats, boys! We're so excited for your future.  And now that everyone has their place,  we'll start telling the adoption tales tomorrow!



  1. What great news- and WHAHHHHHHHHHHHH- I am so going to miss this litter. I hope we get many updates on them. Or they get their own instagram!

  2. Good work, boys on the new home. Can not wait for next week to see what all these kittens have become.

  3. A decade of IBKC!!!!
    So many loving families created.
    So much laughter with a few tears, which make the Happy more precious.

  4. Awesomesauce! Can't wait to hear the adoption tales, and can't wait to see/read the updates.

  5. Great news for these two cuties!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. So happy for these two!
    Next week sounds great. I hope we'll get an update on Marigold and Poe!



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