Sunday, July 16, 2017

Zoubisou Has a Match for You!


Remember this cutie on the right? That's former foster kitten Zelda Lamm who now goes by Zoubisou (or Zoubi for short)  Brother Baxter is on the left.

Lynn, her mama, sent a couple of pictures of her girl for me to share with you today.

Look at this beauty!

And here's an update:

Zoubisou is five years old now. That picture of her holding Baxter? Well, that was not affection, it was world domination. She pretty much likes to get her way and go first at everything, but she is a sharer. She will NOT take a toy away from India Rose. She’ll just wait- indignantly but willingly! She still copies India. If India takes a bath, Zoubi takes a bath. The same is true of eating, going to the pan, chirping at a moth or chasing a fly. She just assumes India knows best. She makes a great little sister cat.

Alex took the black and white picture and he calls it her “yearbook picture”. The other was in one of the many tunnels located around the house. She was, of course, watching me vacuum. It is a skill she has yet to learn.

She is still long legged, elegant, and inquisitive. We adore her and India does, too! What a wonderful day it was when we brought her into our home.

Thanks so much for the cute pics and update, Lynn!  The "year book" photo reminds me so much of Charlene ---I've caught her in that same position many times! Maybe she taught it to Zoubi while she was here under our care!

Zoubi might not like to share toys, but she does have a giving spirit and likes to help out homeless cat and kittens, so she's offering up a $500 matching donation challenge for us today. For every dollar we give, she'll be doing the same until we meet the $500 cap. The match ends at 7:00 PM PST, which gives us 12 hours get there. I know Sundays are kind of quiet around here, but we're hoping this generous cat will inspire you to help us out!   Maybe some of our former foster kitties would like Zoubi to match their dollars?

To get your dollars doubled by Zoubi and make a tax-deductible donation, please visit our fundraising page.

We're getting there!  Less than $8000 to go! Hooray!!


  1. Done! In my tiny way. With love to all from the Museum crew!

  2. I never imagined Zoubi's points would darken that much. Really gorgeous. But FIVE YEARS OLD?? How could that be? I'm not five years older. ;)

  3. Oh my! Zoubi really paid attention to the Posing for Pictures class taught by Charlene! That picture of her on the arm of the chair is fantastic!

  4. That orange slinkster though.



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