Sunday, July 2, 2017

Trouble on the Set!

Well, Robin and Maurice were supposed to be manning the phones day. It seems they have other ideas of how to use the time during their shift!

The kittens can't be trusted!

If you have a hard time getting through, maybe try making an online donation HERE.  We're working towards meeting a match and could really use your help now! We've got two hours left and $395 left to go!

All that we raise is going towards the Foster Program today, so it's a great time to give!  Thank you!

NOW, KITTENS. Please compose yourself. We've got a busy couple of hours to come!


  1. Oh, kittens. So easily distracted by those ferns. Good thing there's a backup plan!

  2. Kittens can be relied on to get into everything, to be narcoleptic, and to be too cute to be mad at.

  3. Oh those two and their interest in horticulture.



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