Wednesday, July 19, 2017

To Sum Things Up!

It's our last day of fundraising and we have a $3000 matching donation challenge happening today. We're off to a slow start this morning and still have $2410 left to complete it! Please remember we're wrapping everything up at 5:00 PM PST today, so get those donations in sooner rather than later if you can!  Thank you!

To help things nudge things along, I wanted to remind you of some of the fabulous programs our donations are supporting.

Here goes:

The Senior Cat Fund

Our Senior Cat Fund helps our vet staff do testing, procedures, blood work, dental work - whatever it takes to get this special population in top form! It will allow our doctors to go above and beyond and give the Seniors many more happy and healthy years. It will help the Senior Cats get adopted faster, too.

The Special Needs Fund

Thousands of cats pass through our shelter each year. Most don't require much more than vaccines and basic medical care before they're ready to hit the adoption floor, but some cats need more. These are our Special Needs cats and kittens. A Special Needs kitty may need surgery, a special diagnostic procedure, medication, special foods, or a visit (or visits) with a specialist.  This is this a fund that gets depleted every year, so it's so important that we help it grow.

The Foster Program

The foster program allows both cats and kittens to receive the best possible care while they wait to reach an "adoptable" state. With these cats and kittens temporarily living in our huge network of foster homes, more space is created at the shelter for incoming cats.  It frees up shelter staff, too -- animals in need of fostering require more care, sometimes 'round the clock, and special attention.  It takes a lot of supplies to care for all of the cats and kittens in foster homes -- our donations will help stock the shelves of the Foster Room with all that they need.

The Pet Food Pantry

The Pet Food Pantry supplies pet food to those who are in temporarily in need. This program also delivers to elderly or disabled pet owners on fixed incomes who are having a difficult time affording the cost of feeding their precious pets. Transportation often is an issue for them, and this delivery program brings pet food and supplies to their doorstep. The Pet Food Pantry helps keep pets where they belong - with their families.

The Spay and Neuter Program
The Humane Society has several low-cost spay and neuter programs designed to serve pet owners who struggle to make ends meet. Most pet owners know that altering their pets is the best thing they can do, but sometimes, they just can't afford it. We don't want income to be a barrier to these surgeries --- these valuable programs help prevent that.

The Community Cat Program

The Community Cat Program addresses the 84,000 free-roaming and feral cats of Pierce County.  These cats are humanely trapped, vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, ear-tipped, and returned to outdoor homes to live out their lives. Some become barn cats, others backyard buddies, some are returned to their colonies.  Kittens are socialized through our foster program and then adopted out. This program makes our community cats healthier, and it helps reduce the number of kitten litters flowing into the shelter each year. With fewer kittens coming in, it frees up resources to help more.

We're on the home stretch now and have just six hours left of our fundraiser. If you been putting off making that donation, please give now! It's almost over!

To make a tax-deductible donation, please visit our fundraising page!

Thanks to all who have given! And thanks to Cynthia for offering up the big match today!

I'm trying to put these posts out as fast as I can but I've kind of hit the wall, and I'm having a hard time staying awake today -- I keep dozing off mid-post! My apologies in advance for higher number of typos and mistakes than normal. There have been a whole lot of short nights the past few weeks and it's really starting to catch up with me today!  

Stay tuned -- more coming!  Thank you!!!


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  1. Bless your heart. Thank you for all your work! And thank you for that picture of those tiny white kitten toes. I needed that!



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