Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Guy with the Oven Mitts


OH, my!  Get a load of this character.


Is he wearing oven mitts?

Or Mickey Mouse's gloves?

There's only one one extra toe on each foot but it looks like he's walking around in the clown shoes of kitten paws.



So ridiculous.  And so adorable.

: )

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  1. This little pumpkin looks like he's part sheep! The only Siamese I've known have smooth coats, so this is a new look for me.

    Those paws are ginormous! I've never met a polydactyl kitty in person, and I'm sure they must get on alright, but it always looks like walking would be so awkward with those big ol' mitts.

  2. OMG he is ADORABLE ! LOVE the feets !

  3. I just wanna stuff all of them in my pockets! Congrats on an especially ridiculously cute litter!

  4. Those are opposable thumbs - the next step in kitten evolution! Soon, he'll be taking over the world! I, for one, welcome our new kitten overlords...

  5. Obviously they're soccer goalkeeper gloves. Why is it that we ALL are slayed by polydactyls (the awesomeness of)? 100% consensus worldwide.

    I know a cat, Basil (pronounced like Basil of Faulty Towers), who has 2 1/4 extra toes on each front paw. They're like hippo feet (which they need so they don't sink in the mud). And everyone is OBSESSED, including his vet. He walks like a ballet dancer; feet in 1st position, and he is quite the devil at playing tennis with foil balls (those 'rackets'). He'll lob, nice and all, and suddenly: SMASH! Haha. He is awesome.

    Lynda: you're right about the floofiness, for a meezer! He's like a meezer with a touch of Birman, kind of:
    And may you meet a poly one of these days. :)

  6. Laurie, are most (all?) of your kitten batches rescued feral kittens, where they couldn't catch the mom cat? Or wouldn't even try, I guess, since very few ferals would be adoptable. To catch a truly feral mom cat (who isn't socialized at all to humans) they'd need a cage probably. And I don't know how well that could ever work out to keep her and her kittens in a shelter, her being feral, until she was done mothering her babies (even if they didn't mean to adopt her later). Even though it's so, SO much better for the kittens to get this life, it must be traumatic for the momma cat to have her kittens snatched away from one minute to the next! Even if, you know, on the grand scale of things it's the right thing to do. So many thoughts...

    1. Sometimes they're feral, but not always. There really are a million different scenarios and solutions and our shelter works really hard to come with the right solution for each case.

  7. PS. Oh, what made me think about how it is that all these kitten batches come to the shelter, is that: how do you have street with kittens that look like meezers?! Indoor/outdoor meezer boys maybe? Non-neutered at that. Hmm.



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