Saturday, July 15, 2017

She's So Fancy!


Elizabeth was the high bidder in the naming rights auction for the one little girl in the Alexander family. Here's her choice and the story behind it: 

In third grade, there was a beautiful little girl who all the other girls wanted to be (including me), and all the little boys fell in love with. She was tiny, had the best giggle ever, and was just a little bit shy. She had dimples that appeared when she tilted her head just so and smiled. Her name was Fancy. Boys in love being boys nonetheless, she soon became Fancy Pants. One look at this sweet poly kitten's head tilted just so, and looking so very much like a girlie girl and BOOM. It's good to see you again Fancy Pants.



When I told Craig, who rarely inserts his opinion on the subject of kitten names, that the girl kitty would be named Fancy Pants Alexander, he said, "That's money well spent."

I have to agree.

Excellent choice, Elizabeth! Thanks for giving this cutie an adorable name. And thanks so much for your high bid!

I'm so excited that everyone has their name now!


In fundraising news:
Another nail-biter match last night, but we managed to meet it, and now we've passed $90,000! We're getting so close now! Thank you to Cynthia for offering up the generous match and thank you to ALL who helped us complete it.

I know at this stage of the game, when we're getting so close to the end, we're all getting a little tired. I appreciate so much that you're still pushing hard to help us meet the goal. Thank you so much for showing your support  I hope you understand how rare it is to see giving like the way you give.  This community is so special.

That's it for now, but I'll be back with more! THANK YOU!


  1. That is fantastic- Fancy P Alexander!
    I love it.

  2. This is perfect! My mom had a cat named Duchess, and Duchess had "fuzzy buns" (much like Charlene and Wylla do). Mom once said, "We should have named her Fancy, because she's so fancy in her pants."

    Mom is currently laid up in the hospital, having just had a tumor removed from her colon/intestines on Thursday. Her prognosis is good, but this week has been very high-anxiety for my family.

    A kitten named Fancy Pants Alexander is just the cheer-up I need.

    1. My parents had a longhair cat, and we used to say she had 'fluffy bloomers'. I love the term 'fancy in their pants'. It's perfect for cats, with the way they carry themselves. Your mom was spot on with that. I hope the surgeons got all of the tumor, and that any other treatments, if she needs them, don't hit her too hard. I'll definitely pray for her and for your whole family.

  3. Fancy and her fancy beauty spot are just so, well, fancy

  4. It's so cute, so warmly sentimental, and soooo much better than Booger McBoogie Face. Fancy Pantsy, you rock!

  5. I love her name, and love the story behind it. Hello, Fancy Pants!

  6. I am pleased to meet you Miss Fancy Pants Alexander!

    The stories behind the chosen names always makes me happy.



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