Wednesday, July 26, 2017



From left to right:
Henry, Lloyd, Fancy, Nick, and Joseph.


Now that the fundraiser is over and I'm back from my weekend away, I'm finally getting some quality time with this crew. They all outgoing and bright.  Lloyd has an occasional scaredy-kitten moment and will dart for safety, but it truly only lasts a second before he reappears.

They play hard and run strong -- there's no grace, just thuds.  It's non-stop butt wiggles and pounces and SO many ambushes.  The funny thing is, you rarely hear a peep come out of their mouths.

Usually, when kittens are engaged in play like this, you hear cries and squeaks when someone bites too hard or pins a sibling for too long, but these guys never make a sound. Maybe they've already established what the lines are and no one ever crosses them.

Joseph seems to be suffering a little bit from what we call SCS, or Small Cat Syndrome. With this affliction, Joseph, who is the smallest kitten of the bunch, feels the need to constantly remind the others that though he may be tiny, he is mighty. He's always challenging his biggest siblings to wresting matches and has no real chance of ever winning one.  I appreciate his gumption, but that's gotta be hard on a little dude's ego! Hopefully, he'll catch up with them soon and he won't feel the need to try to be so big!





  1. Sometimes it is so hard being a kitten. And if your siblings are that much bigger - way hard. But Joseph, you are at Miss Charlene's Finishing School for kittens, so no worries.

  2. Oh, Joseph. You are adorably handsome and loved.

  3. As a petite person, I feel for Joseph! I'm happy to give him some pointers for winning through cunning instead of might if he wants them. :)

  4. Those first two pictures...anyone else think that it looks like Henry is somehow floating in midair?

  5. So what are you thinking about Lloyd and Joseph as a pair? Kitten psychology is your specialty!!!

  6. Fancy and Nick remind me of Alfalfa from the Little Rascals. It's the hair.



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