Friday, July 14, 2017

Say Hello to Henry!


Denise was the high bidder in the naming rights auction for this little guy. She has decided he should be named "Henry" and here's why:

I would like to name this very cute kitty Henry after my dear sweet Henry who lived to be 22. Your cute little smoke and white auction kitty reminds me of Henry when he was a kitten. Henry was a very warm, loving and kind of goofy boy who loved to sleep and be in the middle of everything when he was awake. He would fetch and play kitty fishing and any other game you could come up with. He loved stuffed animals and posing for pictures. He had a long life full of fun, and I hope the same will be true of his namesake – Henry Alexander (no middle name, Henry did not believe in anything so fancy)

What a perfect choice! It suits him well, and our Henry certainly does resemble your Henry! We hope he grows up to be a sweet, silly love just like your dear boy!  Thank you so much for bidding so generously to name our little guy!  Here's the original Henry (and his mama)!

Our last naming rights auction has ended, and tomorrow we'll be announcing the choice for the one little girl in the litter.

But before we're done for the day, we've got to wrap up a match!  Just a hair over an hour to go and $1545 left to raise! Let's try to max it out so we can turn our $3500 into $7000 for the Span and Neuter Programs.

To make a tax-deductible donation and snip a cat or two (or twelve), please visit our fundraising page!
Thank you!


  1. Namesake Henry in that 2nd photo, what a boss! Amazing.

  2. wow, their markings look so similar! Big Henry was a beautiful cat, what a great name and legacy for Little Henry. 22, that is a marvelous age, well done Denise.

  3. Nice to meet you, Henry Alexander!

  4. Aw, we had a Henry, too, and he was fabulous--so much cattitude in one little body. Our Henry was orange and white, and we always said his middle name was "Danger," since he was willing to try just about anything once.

    Nice to meet you, Henry Alexander, and you do look very much like your namesake. I hope you also live a long, happy life!



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