Thursday, July 13, 2017

Oh, Nanette! You're the Best!


Our friend Nanette has won the rights to name a kitten every single fundraiser. She's the only person who can say that.

 She's responsible for naming Luigi Fortunato, Marie-Noire Suprenant, Priscilla Batsel, Evelyn Hollis, and Russell "Spud" Dinichi. This year she's the lucky gal who got to pick the name for our little smokey boy.

From Nanette:

Despite being the smallest, this kitten obviously stuns on the catwalk. *He is handsome, he is smart, he is a walking work of art.* Why, that COAT is AMAZING!

*In a class above the rest, it even goes well with his vest, such a stunning coat of many colors.* And I can just see him tucking in a nicely folded pocket square, too.

*It is tabby and tuxey and smokey and cream and white, it’s a kitty’s sartorial DREAM!*

(You know where we’re headed by now, don’t you?)
It’s JOSEPH! Or, to be more precise, it’s Joseph Pawtucket Alexander.

THANK YOU NANETTE! You are the best! Thank you for bidding high every year and picking out such excellent names!

OH, and let's not forget about today match. Our donations are being tripled by an anonymous donor. We've got ONE HOUR left and need to bring in another $241 to complete the match. If you're in the position to give, I do hope you consider making a donation. Thank you!

Click here to visit our fundraising page and make a tax-deductible donation. Thank you!


  1. I lovelovelove this name! Joseph is one of my favorite musicals.

  2. Tis a grand name for such a Fab coated boy! Well done, Nanette! Let's hope his brothers are nicer than the Musical's.

    1. Haha! In fact, after sending Laurie my selection, it occurred to me that I should have added. "I'm sure this Joseph's siblings will be far kinder to him than to his namesake's".

  3. Perfect name for this little guy in his amazing smokey jacket. 😻

  4. OMG, this is the best post ever!



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