Tuesday, July 25, 2017

More Thanks and More Love for You

I'm still floating on air about all that we accomplished this fundraiser.  I was at a family wedding this weekend, and so many congratulated us on our success, and all were so curious to learn about who this community is who gives so generously. So if your ears were burning, that's because we were talking about you and how special you are!

I've said it before, and I'll say it a squillion times over, but YOU ARE TRULY REMARKABLE.  

Thank you, again, to all who contributed to the success of this event. 

I wanted to give a shout-out to several individuals who helped make this year's event an extra-special one.

During the stretch of the fundraiser, and days leading up and following too, I get a little behind on life stuff.  Things that are normally priorities get neglected around the house, and though Craig has many reasons to complain, he never does. Thank you, Craig, for understanding that this fundraiser matters so much to me and for giving me a very wide road during this time.  Thank you for tolerating some lame dinners and a cranky, stressed-out wife.  I appreciate you so much.   

And thank you for sharing your talents with us and creating the watercolor painting that we able to share with Sara and so many others through our print sales. I promise you that the house will be extra-super shiny soon, I'll address that pile of mail that's accumulated, and I'll even bake you a raspberry pie.  

OH, Cynthia, dear Cynthia.  Your heart is the biggest and can't imagine that a more generous soul than yours exists. Without you, we would never have the success we do each year.  I am forever grateful that you found your way to this community.  

Thank you for your friendship, too.  I love your humor, smarts, and candor and I hope one day soon I can experience it in person and not just on the phone, in emails and text messages.

Our Anonymous Donors:
Bless you, for giving so generously and offering up these wonderful matches to help us reach our goals. You make that total rise high.  You inspire so many to give. We are so grateful for your support.  I completely respect you wish to remain anonymous, but I wish I could shout your names to the world and say "LOOK at these fabulous, generous folk!"  Please know we think you're pretty amazing. 

Every single fundraiser you are there for us bidding high on kitten names and auction items, offering up generous matches, and giving so much along the way.   I'm guessing you're crying a few happy tears for us, too.  Of course, thank you to Alex, too! You guys are the best.

Mary: How many beds have you stitched for us now? A lot. Thank you for giving your time and talents to us each year. Thank you for offering your generous match, too, 

Rosemary: Thank you for offering a match in honor of your Dylan once again.  We've raised squillions now because of your annual gift -- thank you for that. 

Opal, Ellis, Lola, and Wilson:
I am so grateful that you are our future. You generous young humans are inspiring. You touch hearts. I hope you understand how special you are.

Thank you for sharing so many great stories from within the shelter walls.  Thanks for always being there if I needed questions answered or support.  I know I made your busy days busier -- thanks for always being available.  
Shelby: Thank you for dealing with all of our technical issues and figuring out our many "work arounds" this season! 

Sarah in the Foster Dept:
Thank you for finding us the CUTEST kittens to answer the phones!

Mackenzie and Christy: 
Thank you for creating custom products just for our fundraiser and so generously giving a portion of your sales. I appreciate your support, love for the kittens, and friendship too.  

Auction Item Donors:
Thank you, Liz from Stocklist, Mackenzie from Pepperpot Polish, Christy of Libertine, Kelly, Joseph, Gabe, Cathy, Emma, Katherine, and Susan for sharing your goods and talents to help us raise more!

Auction Winners: 
Thank you to all who bid SO generously on the kitten naming rights and other auctions.  

Thank you all who gave, shared our links, told our story, bought prints, cheered us along and supported us in so many ways. Thank you for always being here and listening. 

It is impossible to adequately thank all of you because this gift you've given us is so huge and humbling. But please know that I appreciate you more than I could ever express. This community is amazing and unlike any other. You are such caring and kind people, and I hope your hearts feel as full as mine does right now. Something really incredible unfolded in the past few weeks. Thank you for being a part of it. Thank you for making it happen.  

I love you.

Our little Alexanders have an appointment for vaccines this morning and as soon as I return, I'll share a post ALL about them and nothing related to the fundraiser! They're having great fun bouncing around the house and I've got photos to prove it.

But there still be some fundraising posts to come -- it's not all wrapped up yet.   Close, but not ALL done yet!


  1. Thank you, Laurie, for providing this most kitten-y time of year! It's for a very worthy cause, but it's also, as you say, great FUN. And if it weren't for your special combination of (many) talents, combined with your own huge heart and humility, it wouldn't happen. Sometimes ~everything~ comes together, and look at the result. Ditto on the hugs and love to all!

  2. I have to start waiting until the end of the day when I've washed all my mascara off before I read these posts. It's always so cool! Thanks for giving us this great opportunity to share. We love kitties and we love you!

  3. I look forward to this every year, and I live across the country from you guys. This year, I had my own life crossing paths (in good ways) and wasn't able to keep up with everything but, still send a few donations and bought a copy of Craig's lovely painting of dear, sweet, goofy Bart Mittenfloss. Congratulation again Laurie (and all involved). I only wish there was such dedicated fund raisers for the local rescue I support.

  4. Lynn and Al and Zoubi and India RoseJuly 25, 2017 at 10:48 AM

    Laurie- you are the best. You touch hearts around the world. Yep- the entire world. We all feel that we know you and Craig and Charlene and Wylla. It is such a fun time during the fund raiser. Some suspense and lots of happiness! The Alexanders will always be a special litter for us. Give the kittens a little kiss from us, and thank YOU for letting us all come on this journey with you. And to Cynthia, who surely reads this, Cynthia- one day we will show up at your door. Just you wait.

  5. The FUNdraiser is always so fun to watch because you work so hard to give us hilarious, adorable, and heart-warming updates. The kittens wreaking havoc on the set, the feel-good stories from the shelter, they all show so clearly what we are supporting. As a life-long cat (and dog!) lover, it warms my heart to see such a huge community come together for some of the more helpless members of our community.

    Happy to be a tiny part of it.

  6. Oh, Laurie. I love seeing the post-FUNdraiser celebration blog posts.

    My eyes leak, i get a little chill and a smile implants itself on my face.

    SO many people commented on you and team IBKC and mentioned how they missed seeing you. The kittens and Wylla & Charlene were mentioned as well.



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