Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Meet Angel


We've got a couple of more hours left to give to our Special Needs Fund, so I wanted to share with you one more story from Claudia of a special cat who we were able to help:

 When Angel was brought to the shelter by Animal Control, this friendly eleven-month-old sweetheart couldn’t use her back legs.The Humane Society Veterinarian, Dr. George, found that Angel was suffering from a fractured pelvis. While she was definitely experiencing pain, she still demonstrated what a loving companion she could be if just given a chance. The best course of treatment was pain management and rest. 

Dixie, a longtime volunteer with loads of medical training, stepped in and is the purr-fect foster mom for Angel during her recovery. During one of her follow-up appointments with Dr. George Angel was showing signs of improvement, but something was still not quite right with her hind legs. Dr. George diagnosed Angel with secondary fractures to both her hips; a rare condition that requires hip replacement surgery.

Angel has had both of her surgeries now and is recovering nicely. Soon she will be available for adoption and have the chance to chase laser lights, climb a cat tower, and jump up on the couch for a snuggle with her new family. Someone is going to love having this little angel in their life. Angel’s care took over two months, and two surgeries by Humane Society Veterinarians, this kind of care would not be possible without the generosity of the community and donors like you.

We wish Angel the best and hope she's 100% soon so she can begin the next chapter of her life!

If you would like to make a donation to the Special Needs Fund and help cats like Angel out, please visit our fundraising page!

So far we've collected $10,612 for these special cats and kittens! With a couple of hours left to give, I do hope we can bring in a little more.  Each year, this fund gets depleted so they can use absolutely every penny can give!  Let's give them the resources to help more cats like Angel.

Huge thanks to our Awesome Anonymous Donor who offered up the very generous match for us yesterday! And thanks to all who have given to make that fund grow!


Don't forget we've started our auctions. The surname auction ends at 9:10 AM, so if you wanted to get in on that, don't delay!  Also, there's a little piece of art up too, with lots more to come today.


  1. Wow, that is a lot for one little kitty to go through! I am so glad that Angel found her way to the HST shelter.

    Heal up, little girl, and I hope you find your furever home very soon!

  2. ANGEL. Oh I love her. Black cats are all angels.



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