Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Make Your Paws Pretty! Help Some Kitties!

My friend Mackenzie, lover of kittens, creative gal, and the force behind Pepper Pot Polish, once again has created some IBKC inspired nail polish colors just for us! There are three colors this year, and it's called "The Sparkle Ball Collection."

From left to right we have:
"The Midnight Crazies"


The collection was inspired by one of the favorite toys of the kitties. The colors sparkle like crazy in the sunshine due to flaky glitter, chrome, and holographic pigment.


Robin's favorite is Sidewinder.


Here's a closer look at the colors.

"The Midnight Crazies" has the most depth and features a blue base with holographic sparkle, purple/pink tint, and green iridescent glitter.

"Sidewinder!" is a glittery cantaloupe with gold and pink flakes, along with holographic sparkle.

"Pounce!" is a berry colored sparkler with a slight blue glitter.

A shout-out to Alexis for the close-up photos of her fancy nails!

Through the end of July,  Mackenzie will be donating 15% of all Pepper Pot Polish sales to our FUNdraiser!!!   It's a great way to support the cats and kittens and to treat yourself to a little something at the same time! The polishes are $10 each or you can buy the complete collection for $27.

You can find all of these fabulous colors and MORE in her Etsy shop by clicking HERE.

Thank you so much, Mackenzie, for creating these lovely polishes for us!  We appreciate your support so much!


  1. I love these polishes! I just wore my Twyla Pickett last week.

  2. If I wore polish more than once every other blue moon, I would absolutely buy all three. I love the colors, but not as much as the names. 'The Midnight Crazies' is the best. Totally cracked me up. Thank you, Mackenzie, for all the fabulous colors (and names for them) you've created in honor of the IBKC!

  3. Oh if only I could stop shredding my nails...

    This is such an amazing tribute to the IBKC and their Humane Society. It IS all about the cats, of course!



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