Friday, July 7, 2017

Late-Breaking News!

We sent 3 Fellows out the door minutes ago and just got word there are BABIES waiting for us at the shelter!!

I've got to dash down there right now and get the kittens so I won't be by my computer for the for a while.

We've got $1275 left to raise in our match by 7:00 Pacific Time!!  That's 1.5 hours to do it!! Can you help us get there without me having nagging you? Pretty, pretty please?? I've got kittens to get!  And a room to clean! And we need a revolving door!  

To make a donation and help us meet that match, please visit HERE.   THANK YOU!

As soon as they're settled I'll be back!!


  1. :D ! :D ! :D

    They know the itty-bitty phones cannot be without itty-bitty opurrators for more than an instant! Such excitement!


    Bye-bye, dear Fellows. It's hard to imagine being Fellow-less, but we are grateful and thrilled you have found wonderful families of your very own. <3

  2. Bless your heart! Thank you Laurie!



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