Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Wee Bit Cross-Eyed


Maurice is just a wee bit cross-eyed. You can't see it all of the time, but when he focuses on something close, like when we're trying to get his attention by dangling a toy in front of him, it shows.

It doesn't seem to affect the way he navigates the world.  It doesn't slow him down a bit and he pounces and lands with the same accuracy as his brothers.    I think it just adds to his adorableness, don't you? This slight imperfection makes him so perfect!





Yesterday I introduced a $1500 match that was supposed to end today at 7:00 PM today, but you all went ahead and completed it around 10:00 last night! THANK YOU! There were a lot of large donations right out of the gate that gave us a great start to the day.  Sheldon and Pearla Dearborn gave us a nice donation that put us over the top, and when we put the matching money in, we rolled past the $40 squillion mark!  Not a bad for what's normally a quiet holiday weekend.   Thank you for giving so generously to support our life-saving Foster Program!  

Because everyone seems to be in the giving spirit, I've got one more matching donation challenge for us this weekend, thanks to an anonymous lover of kittens.

For every dollar we donate to the Foster Program today, she'll be matching it until we reach the $750 max. We've got until 7:00 PM (Pacific Time) to make it happen!  

That gives us 10 hours to get there, so if we keep up the pace like we did yesterday, we shouldn't have a problem making it happen!

To make your tax-deductible donation, please visit our FUNdraising page!  

Thank you for giving so much. We've brought in over $14,000 for the Foster Program already.  I love that our donations will provide so much for all those little babies that come through the shelter doors. THANK YOU.

Stick around, friends. There's lots more to come today!


  1. Been away for 3 weeks, came home to find Maurice and his fellow Fellows are still with you. Hoorah; I hate to miss out on a litters stay with you.

  2. As Sheldon so adorably tweeted, it's #kittytime!

    Hello to you, too, dear Pearla. I enjoy reading about you on Twitter, even if it is via your brother's opinion!

  3. Maurice inspects his fantastic brown mask in such an adorable manner.

  4. What would a meezer be without at least a touch of the cross-eye? ;) Bean's a bit cross-eyed at times, isn't she? I think it adds to the appeal.



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