Friday, June 16, 2017

Well, That Was Easy

I thought I would wait a couple of more days beyond quarantine to spring the kittens, but yesterday morning I changed my mind and decided to let the Five Fellows come out into the big world.

And how did they do? Remarkable well.

I thought for sure they might spend the day hiding under the sofa, but boy was I wrong!  These brave little Fellows took the living room by storm, met the big girls, and had a super fun time.

See for yourself!  Here's a little video of yesterday's events.

 Silly me, underestimating those kittens!


  1. Awww, Wylla winning over cute scaredy Robin!

  2. I think you under estimated the appeal of Head Mistress Beanie and Teacher Wylla to woo these fine Fellows.

  3. Yay for five happy, brave Fellows! It's wonderful to see them being little crazy pants, just as kittens ought to be.

  4. Such a great video, Wylla looks enormous compared tot he babies, such a treat !!!!!!

  5. I hardly ever use the "OMG" acronym, but OMG that video is so incredibly cute, and thank you so much for sharing it, and for the work you do!!!

  6. What itty bitty dollies! How wonderful that they're so confident and trusting. I think you underestimated your kitten wrangling skills, Laurie. These lads feel safe and brave because of you.



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