Saturday, June 24, 2017



I always try to give equal amounts of blog time to the kittens we're hosting, but since Maurice spent many of his early days dashing off or hiding in dark corners, it was tricky to catch him with the camera and get photos to share.

I'm so happy he's out and about so much more and gaining confidence.  I just love that seeing that handsome guy.  That chocolate face with those beautiful blue eyes are such a wonderful color combination, don't you think?

He's still hard to catch when he's in kitten crazy-pants mode, but when Maurice is settling down it's easy to scoop him up and give him love, which he willingly accepts now.  His body used to get so tense when I held him -- his ears would go down, his eyes got big, and he would clench every muscle in his tiny body. Those days have passed.

He purrs like crazy, too.  He's got a low, low rumble, and if he's napping on you, you can feel it to your core!  

Maurie, you are marvelous!





  1. All cats are gorgeous, and meezers even moreso (YMMV). It's hard not to want to see as much of them as possible. I'm so glad Maurice decided to do the sensible thing and shift into full Lovebug Mode. It's hard to enjoy the best Chez IBKC has to offer if a kitten doesn't, know what I mean?

  2. He looks like a perfectly toasted marshmallow.

  3. Sweet. my first cat was a siamese and I have a sweet spot still for those brown faced blue eyes boys.

  4. Maurice is going to be a stunning boy, maybe like Miss Charlene? I am glad to see you have a nick name for him, I have been calling him MEowrice. It is so hard to believe anyone would abandon so many cute little babies, thank you for all the Fosters !!!

  5. He's a little beauty, such a sweet face and cute little furry toes.



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