Thursday, June 29, 2017

Keeping them Comfortable

We had an awesome day for the Senior Cats and raised over $11,000 for their fund! I want to thank everyone who helped make that happen -- especially Cynthia, who matched many of those donations!

I'm so thrilled we will be able to help so many cats like Abby, Sunny, and Beau who we met yesterday. If you haven't had a chance read their happy stories, please scroll down and do!

Thank you for making yesterday so amazing. I'm so thrilled we were able to make that fund grow so much!!!!

Raising money for the specific causes, projects and programs, like the Senior Cats, is important, of course, but the days in between matter so much too. On these days our donations go to the general cat fund which helps cover the day-to-day needs of all the shelter cats.

The general fund buys nutritious cat food to fill ALL of those cat bellies -- and we have a lot of bellies to fill at the Humane Society!  It buys dishes, beds, blankets, litter boxes, kitty litter, toys, scratchers and all the essentials needed in every single cat and kitty cubby.  It buys cleaning supplies to keep those cubbies sanitary.

All of these things contribute to a more comfortable stay for the temporary shelter residents.  When cats are comfortable and at-ease, they can show their true personalities. And when their personalities can shine, potential adopters can see who they really are, and great connections can be made. They get adopted faster, and their stays are shorter.

So every bit we give will contribute to the comfort of a shelter cat and make a difference in their life!

We've got a matching donation challenge on the table today from an anonymous donor.  Until 7:00 PM tonight (Pacific Time) every dollar raised will be doubled by our anonymous friend until we reach the $1000 cap.

SO, if you would like to see your donation dollars go twice as far, please pay a visit to our fundraising page and make your tax-deductible donation.  Thank you anonymous donor for providing us with this great match today!

Did you happen to notice how close we are to $25 Squillion!! I can't wait to see us roll past that "1/4 to our goal" milestone today!

OK, Now on to some cuteness!

As I've shared before, our Five Fellows sure do love this kitty bed -- they look so cute in it, too.

I took these photos yesterday just as they were waking from an afternoon nap.  Look at this dear puddle!

Please make note of adorable little pink tongues and outstretched arms. It's fun to try to figure out what kitten head is attached to what kitten body!










And here's a little heart-warming video of the moment.  You'll notice that we've got some nursers in this bunch. It's funny, they didn't do it before, but as soon as they met this bed they thought it was thier mama!


I'll be back with more today, so do stay close.

Thank you so much for being here everyday. I appreciate you.


  1. I'd like to order the Five Fellows package of Kute Kittens, please, with rush delivery, if possible. ;) "YAY!" for raising over $11 squillion for the senior cats.

  2. Oh, you little sweethearts. (We run out of gushing adjectives on this website, don't we.)

  3. Oh, the meezers like the nipple pillow!
    Dear Emmett is a doll on his bros...he has pinned TWO!!

  4. The top of Robin's head is so cute. (0:09 vid)

  5. I found a toy at the Dollar Tree one time that was like this bed. The kittens at the shelter I worked at all loved nuzzling on it and nursing on it. Very comforting for them, and for us to watch.



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