Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hiders and Climbers


 I took the photo above on the day after the Fellows arrived -- I was using feather toy to coax them out of their house. I love the cautious-yet-curious look on Oakley's face.

Little Emmet did eventually step out, but the others weren't ready, and they stayed behind and watched.   He continues to be the bravest of the bunch, almost to a fault, and his curiosity often leads him to trouble. He's a climber and very determined -- I've had to rescue him several times from heights wee kittens shouldn't be able to reach.

Quarantine is up tomorrow, but I haven't decided if I'll spring them yet.  Emmet, Robin, and Seymour will be ready to explore more, but I think Oakley and Maurice might benefit from staying in a smaller space for a couple more days.  They are continuing to get better every day, but they still like to dart under things.   I'd like them to move past that before I put them in a larger area with more places to hide.

Otherwise, we may never find them!



  1. You are the kitten whisperer, you know what is best for all!

  2. Oh, my goodness. Emmet is like Mose. YOLO! Be careful, Em.

  3. Emmet - this not Mt Everest that needs to be climbed. Really!

  4. Emmett will be a great hunter. He's got the laser stare, the ready-to-pounce body language, and the tiny little open mouf of a great hunter!

  5. Have you considered letting them out just a few at a time so Charlene and Wylla don't get overwhelmed? Also when the boys come back to their room they'll have the scent of the sisters on them so the remaining Fellows have a chance to get used to it.

    1. I'm not really worried about the overwhelming the girls -- this isn't their first kitten rodeo.

  6. Emmet has a long lost big brother sitting on my bed :-)

  7. The body language in the second pic! He needs his own crimefighting soundtrack.

  8. Emmett is such a handsome adventurer! I am betting he will find a curtain or two to climb



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