Friday, June 30, 2017

Ellis Loves Emmet

Opal and Ellis were over for a visit the other day and a playdate with our Five Fellows.  Whenever they meet the kittens, we always discuss their favorites. Opal seems to like the lighter colored ones, and Ellis always falls for the dark tabbies.  Jennifer, their mom, is partial to Siamese.

Ellis really liked Beau Huddleston, Enzo Framboise, and Caroline Hollis -- they were all dark tabbies.   It was a few years ago that he met Caroline, and I remember Jennifer telling me how upset he was on the car ride home, and many weeks to follow, that he couldn't have that kitten.  He still talks about her to this day.

So, it was no surprise that Emmet was his favorite in this bunh. I think Ellis was Emmet's favorite, too






The day is flying!  We got a lot of donations in the past hour, but we've still got a long way to go!

There are  5.5 hours left to complete the match and $3,290 to raise!  If you're planning on donating to support the Foster Program, please don't delay.

To make a tax-deductible donation, please visit our FUNraising page by clicking HERE.

Thanks so much for listening to my pleas. And thanks for supporting us so generously.  I appreciate you, and I know the Foster Room folks and the whole Humane Society does as well.  We love you and your big hearts!

And speaking of Enzo Framboise, I'm on my way to visit him in a few minutes!  Though he was adopted by a dear friend, I haven't seen him in person sine he left us back in October. I can't wait!  I'll be sharing some pictures later -- most likely, tomorrow.

Still more to come today, so stay close!

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