Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Clearing Up Some Confusion

Some questions have come up about our new fundraising platform. I thought I would address them in a blog post in hopes of making things a little less confusing for everyone.

The big one is the "Donate Now" button VS the "Join Laurie's Team" button. 

If you want to make a donation to our campaign to help the homeless cats and kittens, click on the "Donate Now" button and enter your information in the required fields. This is what 99.9% of you probably want to do.  

If you were interested in becoming a fundraiser and soliciting donations for TEAM IBKC,  click on the "Join Laurie's Team" button. Most of you probably don't want to do that, but if you did, we would, of course, welcome a helping hand. 

As I mentioned earlier today, you can now make an "anonymous" donation. To do that, click on the "Donate Now" button which will take you to this page:

See that little box by the arrow? Just click that then enter your information in all of the necessary fields.

After you make your donation you'll receive an automated thank you note from the shelter. With the old system, the fundraisers were able to customize our message to the donors, but with the new one, we're not.  So, this thank you message goes out to everyone who makes a donation to Dog-A-Thon, not just us kitty people, and the way the note is worded, it makes it sounds like our donations go to more than just the kitties. Please know that if you donated to the IBKC page it will absolutely go to the cats and kittens. And if you give on one of our days devoted to a program, like today, when we're raising money for the Senior Cats, it will be directed to that program. I talked with the shelter to see if there was a fix for this, and currently,  there isn't a way around it. I'm sorry.

I've heard from many of that you are disappointed that there's no field to leave a comment when making a donation. I'm sorry, the system just doesn't allow for that. I'm going to create a page where we can all leave comments and share why we gave and who we gave in honor of,  but I need a day or two to make that happen. As soon as this place exists I will let you know.  I miss that feature too -- I'm sorry it's not there.

SO, things function a little differently with the new system, but ultimately the end results are the same: lives are being saved and homeless cats and kittens are being helped thanks to you kind-hearted kitty-loving folks.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.  And thank you for your generosity. You are amazing.

Now, how about some cute? Will that help?

I hope so!

xoxo Laurie




  1. Thank you for clearing it up! I'll be glad when the page for leaving a message is up because I've always liked reading donor enthusiasm!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, Laurie.

    I too love seeing who the gift is in honor of, memory of or other neat tidbits about our own furries.

  3. Awww! I was disappointed that I couldn't mention who I was donating "in honor of", but a kitten puddle makes everything alright. I also recognize how difficult transitions can be and applaud your efforts. It's never easy to be doing it "live".

  4. Thank you very much for clearing the confusion and I hope that all the things work fine for me now.

  5. I also wish you can say who the donation is from (my husband and I) and not just the name on the credit card.



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