Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Little More Mimsey


Mimsey is such a love bug. She always welcomes any pets, scratches, or belly rubs and says "thanks" with a few squints.  She can't walk by without brushing up against you to say "hello."  She's highly huggable.

I'm not sure if she remembers her kitten days with us, or just remembers our recent visits, but it always seems that we feel familiar to Mimsey.




As always, we've enjoyed our time here, but we're ready to get home to see Wylla and Charlene. Even when I'm gone just a few days, I always miss my girls a ridiculous amount. I can't wait to get home and give them both a good squeeze!  


  1. She has the sweetest face, aww.

  2. Please don't feel ridiculous. It only takes a few hours away from the house and I'm missing the cats, and less if that time involves the stress of town errands! They seem to feel likewise. Could live without cats if I just had to, but it is a condition to be avoided if at all-- including by extra measures-- possible. Wish more people could know what they bring us; they'd be standing in line at Shelters. --from Arowyn

  3. Even if Miss Mimsey does not remember her kitten days, she knows who is a cat person and rewards them thus. How luck are your parents!

  4. Mimsey is such a cutie! Her fur looks so very soft; it's nice of her to let all of you enjoy petting her.

    I travel a lot for work, and I always miss our two cats when I'm out of town. It's not silly at all!

  5. "Highly huggable" -- love it!!

  6. I'm sure Mimsey remembers you! There used to be a bookstore with a store cat near my long-distance aunt, and I'd stop in (only partly) for books and the cat would, despite her grouchy reputation and the year or two between visits, would remember me and let me cuddle with and carry her around while browsing. One of the highlights of my trips as I was missing my crew and my aunt/uncle were aggressively catless (long story). Oh, and there were multiple cages of twittering birds (canaries? finches?) which made the store even more pleasant, though snuggling the birds was not allowed. By me or the cat! LOL

  7. Mimsey is adorable. I'm glad she and her lovely brother are still part of your family.

  8. I've always thought it's so special Nigel and Mimsey were able to stay part of your extended family, and appreciate getting to continue to hear how they're doing after leaving IBKC HQ.

  9. What an absolute love bug Miss Mimsey is! As others have said, it makes me so happy that these two sweethearts remained in the IBKC family.

  10. Does Mimsy allow hugs?
    She looks so hauggable :)



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