Monday, April 3, 2017

Letters in the Litter Box


We had a lot of sunshine this weekend, which made our Huddlestons happy. I moved the throw rug in their room as the sun shifted, so the kittens always had a soft spot and a sunbeam to wrestle in. They loved it.

Everyone seems to be doing a little better, and poops are firming up. Lovey jumped into the box Saturday night and pooped a perfect cursive "L".  What a talented gal!

Yesterday I think Beau tried to write his first initial too,  but it came out as either a lowercase "p" or "d," depending on what angle you looked at it from.

Very close, Beau! That was almost a "b" but not quite.   I know many children learning to write often make the very same mistake with those letters. It's confusing, I know.

But, HOORAY, things are looking better in the box, and I'm hoping today it will all be resolved, we'll give them a bath, and we'll let them meet Wylla and Charlene!

The big cats are doing better, too. Wylla's all done with her meds and will be going in for a recheck tomorrow. Bean's still on hers and will have a recheck at the end of the month.  She absolutely hates taking pills and every day is a struggle. We all can't wait to be done with them!

Though I did take some pictures of the letters left in the litter box, I think you might enjoy these photos a little more...




















  1. I don't know - it might be funny to see the litter writing. But yes, the pictures of these five mighty hunters-in-training are just what I need on a Monday.

  2. Hooray for cursive poops! And Huzzah for Wylla and Bean! Sunshine absorbing kittens make me happy. 💗

  3. I'm so very glad everyone seems to be doing so much better! Empathies on having to give pills to kittens and cats. I can still see the look of fear on the face of a kitten we fostered many years ago, when we had to give her a pill every day. She had tears in her eyes, and it broke my heart to scare her so much, even if for her own good.

  4. I know you're super experienced in looking after cats but I thought I'd mention it anyway - we've always had two cats at any given time and up till now giving them meds has been fine. However the two sisters we have at the moment are impossible to medicate. They won't take pills no matter what we try so we always request medication in liquid form and it's so much easier to pop it in with a syringe - both of them swallow it no problem and with a lot less stress for everyone. I hope you don't mind me mentioning this.

    1. We always go with liquid meds whenever we can, but sometimes the most effective drugs aren't available in that form. Sadly, that was the case for the girls this time around.

    2. That's unfortunate as it saves on so much stress. Our vet is very skilled at using a pill popper but we've had no success on that front either. We used to try dipping the pill in butter but when a cat doesn't want to take a pill there's nothing that really works well.

  5. Aww! Very cute photos! Thank you for sharing :)

  6. Yay for healthy cats and kittens! I can hardly wait to see the Huddlestons and the big cats together.

    We used pill pockets with our Miles when he needed to take steroids. Miles likes variety, so we switched the pill pocket flavor every couple of days. Coating the outside of the pill pocket with gravy from a can of wet food helped get it down his throat, too.

    You've probably already tried pill pockets with Bean, but I figured I'd mention it.

  7. Glad to hear that everybody's better. Good job on your, er, letter writing, kittens! Keep working at it and you'll get there. That was never a strong suit for me, back in the day. Heck, I still can't read my own handwriting at times to this day.

  8. Yes, it's lovely to *hear* about their attempts to write, but we'd rather *see* their beautiful faces. :)

  9. I'm getting better at telling them apart! Beau and Tillie are the easiest, being the only "dark" tabbies, and Beau's face is lighter overall than Tillie's, but still having trouble with the grey babies. Spencer is the lightest, and Lovey has a darker M over her eyes, and Hurley seems to be the biggest? but sometimes I need to see all three of them together to be sure. (shucks and darn, having to look at kitten pictures)

  10. I am glad everyone is on the mend. I know how hard the pills are - Enid hated them when she had her kidney infection. In fact we are at the vet now for another potential kidney infection.

  11. Such literate kittens! And what darling photos. All that romping, wrestling and climbing show what hard work it is being a growing kitten.

  12. Hooray for firm poop, literate kittens, and (almost) no more meds! I hope Wylla gets a clean bill of health and her reward is four itty bitties to bathe and love.

  13. A lot of times the cat's medication can be made into a liquid, easily squirted onto their food. No more pill wars.. My teeny little 21 year old Peanut has been on thyroid medication for over a year and it's MUCH easier. She's little, but she's mighty.



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