Thursday, March 30, 2017

Way to go, Beau!


Out of all our Huddlestons, Beau got hit hardest with the diarrhea.  Thankfully, things are thickening up a bit for him, and his energy started returning. In the afternoon I noticed he was batting at his sister's twitchy tail. In the early evening, he was instigating wrestling matches.  By 10:00 PM he was running and playing nearly as hard as the others!

When I put him on the scale this morning, he was back above a pound!  And that was pre-breakfast and pre-fluids!

Beau has been such a little trooper. He hasn't been feeling well for days, there have been many car rides and vet visits, lots of icky medicine, and I know getting poked with needles and receiving fluids hasn't been fun.  In spite of all this, he's still his own sweet self and never stopped purring.  He's a special little dude.




  1. What a relief! It is especially hard to watch a tiny little guy like that feel icky.

  2. I'm so glad they're doing better. I think Beau knew you were trying to help him. How are the girls doing?

  3. Glad to know Beau is feeling better! Hard to be sick when one is so small.

  4. Aw, such a cutie and sounds like a sweetie, too. If I didn't live a few time zones away I'd be sorely tempted. (Oh, hi, LG. Well, I do live several time zones away so it's a moot point, right?)

  5. Is it just the photos, or is Beau an old soul? Kinda like Trevor Holden in Travelers?

  6. Yes, what a relief that he's feeling better... so glad to hear that.



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